According to Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT), the US Overthrew the Ukrainian Government in 2014


4 thoughts on “According to Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT), the US Overthrew the Ukrainian Government in 2014

  1. And that Zelensky is a US pawn?

    Given the geographical location of Ukraine, it has been a crossroads for traders, armies, and travelers between Europe, Africa, an Asia since ancient times. It is therefore key to overland travel routes in any direction.

    Zelensky is in over his head, with the US, as well as other points westward or southward not committed to supporting his pitiful pleas for ever more help.

    Of course the numerous war contractors probably still hope to benefit from supplying war toys for this pretend war, and the stock markets like to bet on winners and losers, but individuals like me can only sigh and hope somebody, somewhere, sees through the sham and can calm the troubled waters.

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  2. Isn’t the USA known for working behind the scenes to oust governments that do not want to go along with the USA?
    There’s a saying, the meaning is something like: If you do not want to be my friend, I come after you!


  3. Absolutely, Aunty. What is really amazing many people (including the author of this tweet, is that the people who programmed ChatCPT were unable to conceal this information from this form of AI. In other words, the nature of the technology will force the truth to come out.


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