US Terrorist Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines and Tectonic Weapons in Turkey

US Terrorist Attack

Valery Kulikov

New Eastern Outlook

The United States’ use of terrorist methods to eliminate Russian gas competition by undermining the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea on September 26 and numerous well-founded suspicions about Washington’s possible use of tectonic weapons in the February earthquake in Turkey are among the most widely discussed topics in many nations today.


Against the backdrop of the current American authorities’ boundless lies, ever louder accusations are starting to appear against Washington and for the natural disaster that erupted in February, killing 48 thousand people in Turkey alone and causing more than $100 billion in damage to this country. The version of the artificial nature of the recent earthquake in the region, previously voiced in Turkish society and in an article in Sözcü by the head of the Turkish space agency, Serdar Hussein Yildrim, is becoming stronger by the day.


Also, the fact that several Western embassies, including the US Embassy in Turkey, abruptly closed just a few days prior to the earthquake may be evidence that Washington may have forewarned some of its friends about the potential impending use of tectonic weapons. Especially given that similar “preventive” actions have previously been made, most notably when the US was preparing to “punish” the Erdoğan administration by using the Turkish military to attempt a violent coup in this country by destabilizing the situation in Turkey in 2016.

The American military facility HAARP, or High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which is situated in Alaska, has already been mentioned in connection with the earthquake in Turkey as a tool of tectonic warfare, in particular, when studying the causes of the unexpected earthquake in Colombia in January 1999. At the time it was stated that subduction, a shift of the Nazca tectonic plate, could be the cause of tremors, although in fact no vertical movements were detected on the fault line, unlike earthquakes on the San Andreas fault in California. In this regard, back then the topic of the possible use of tectonic weapons by the United States was also discussed.


As a significant number of scientists in different countries suggest, a tectonic weapon can really cause such catastrophic earthquakes, for which it is enough to use the so-called magnetohydrodynamic generator, which sends strong electromagnetic pulses deep into the crust. It was such installations that already appeared in the United States in the 1970s and have been tested for many years since. It is known that it is especially easy to artificially provoke an earthquake using such a generator in those regions where there are stresses in the earth’s crust. Yet, strangely enough, the country that is most suited for this situation is Turkey (and Colombia in 1999).

In this regard, it will not be superfluous to recall that the disaster in Turkey occurred after the demand of Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu to the United States to remove “its dirty hands” from the Turkish Republic. Such an unambiguous attack by Ankara could, of course, “hurt” Washington, which takes offense at such attacks, especially from representatives of the “freedom-loving Erdoğan administration.” Consequently, couldn’t the White House approve the necessary “punishment of Turkey,” including employing “tectonic weapons”? And, at the same time, resolve its long-standing commitment to remove Erdoğan from his position of power?

Everyone is familiar with HAARP, an American scientific initiative that investigates how intense electromagnetic radiation interacts with the ionosphere, particularly, controlling the human brain, creating a nuclear explosion without radiation release, moving and melting polar ice, interfering with the ozone layer, causing earthquakes and tsunamis, and controlling ocean waves.

The American Embassy in Turkey issued a warning that “security is under threat here” after the Turkish newspaper dikGAZETE published an article regarding mysterious bluish outbreaks in the sky of Turkey right before the powerful earthquake. This article and several others in this field sought to make a connection between this extremely bizarre atmospheric phenomenon and the ensuing catastrophic earthquake, a sign of potential HAARP activity. And in this regard, it is unavoidably brought to mind as the media reported that on November 12, 2012, when HAARP was used to send strong high-frequency electromagnetic radiation to the upper atmosphere, the ionosphere at an altitude of 170 kilometers was literally lit up, creating a stable plasma cloud there that lasted for about an hour.



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