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Surge of Unexplained Deaths Finally in the News

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  • Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd is bringing attention to the surge in deaths and disability that has occurred since the COVID-19 shot campaign rolled out
  • Group life policyholders, who are typically healthier than the general population, experienced mortality spikes of 40% in 2021
  • Disability numbers among the workforce reached a high of 33.2 million in September 2022, with numbers still trending up — a highly unusual increase
  • Central banks, pharmaceutical companies, Big Tech and the media all benefited from the pandemic and have an interest in covering up what Dowd describes as a “large global murder scene”
  • Dowd believes there’s enough alarming data to warrant the COVID-19 shot program being stopped immediately, as the death and disability from the shots could easily exceed that from COVID-19

Former BlackRock analyst and fund manager Edward Dowd is one of the brave few who have been trying to get the word out about dangers of COVID-19 shots. While I’ve interviewed him twice — once about the mathematical certainty of a financial collapse and a second time about his book, “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” — his information is finally getting mainstream media attention.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, he explains that media outlets like Yahoo have picked up on the undeniable increase in deaths among young, healthy adults. However, they’re quick to state that such deaths are not due to COVID-19 shots.1 But Dowd isn’t deterred. As A Midwestern Doctor noted on Substack:2

“Ed Dowd has focused on utilizing a narrower set of evidence and tying it to one of the most persuasive arguments currently available for shifting the narrative. A statistically impossible spike in sudden deaths has occurred in the healthiest segment of the population and has happened in tandem with a spike in disability (this is why we are now having labor shortages).”

Dowd is intent on bringing global attention to this surge in deaths and disability that has occurred since the COVID-19 shot campaign rolled out, and he’s not willing to let anyone, or any entity, stop him. “We have the data. We have the evidence,” he says, “and there’s a large global murder scene that just occurred.”3

Insurance Company Data Reveal 40% Death Surge

“Cause Unknown” details data showing the shots are a crime against humanity. Some of that data comes from private insurance companies, which love to sell group life insurance policies to large Fortune 500 corporations and mid-sized companies because they hardly ever have to pay out on a claim.

Workers at these corporations tend to be in good health, with industry data suggesting the group life policyholders have one-third the mortality rate of the general U.S. population. The death rates have historically been highly predictable among this group — until 2021. A report released by the Society of Actuaries4 found mortality spikes of 40% or more that year.

Insurance companies had sizeable increases in payouts for death and disability. Dowd tweeted February 1, 2022, that financial insurance company Unum reported a significant increase in their benefit ratio (payouts versus premiums) in their life segment. Dowd tweeted:5

“In 2021 they saw a 17.4% increase vs 2020. This is higher than the 13.3% increase vs 2019. So the higher payouts in 21 are occurring with a miracle vaccine & less virulent strains … In 2019 the unit had $266 million profit, last year a profit of $82 million & this year a loss of -$192 million. A swing of $458 million lower over 2 years. Important to remember these are employed working age folks.”

Dowd also reported data from funeral homes, including company Carriage Services, which was flooded with business. He tweeted:6

“Business has been quite good since the introduction of the vaccines & the stock was up 106% in 2021. Curious no? Guys this is shocking as 89% of Funeral homes are private in US. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

Steve Kirsch also published data on Substack7 showing that, among the COVID-jabbed aged 65 and younger, sudden death was the No. 1 cause of death in 2021 and 2022. The second was cardiac-related death, and cancer was third. Importantly, the incidence of turbo-charged cancer among the jabbed was significant in this group, and myocarditis killed more than COVID-19.

In addition to sudden deaths, cardiac issues became a major cause of death in vaccinated young people under the age of 65. No myocarditis deaths were seen among unvaxxed people in the same age group.

Disability Numbers Skyrocket

Dowd also looked into the number of disabled people in the U.S., using high-frequency data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The agency uses a monthly telephone survey that asks, “Are you or someone in your home disabled and not able to work?” Prior to COVID-19 shots, Dowd said, there were 29 million to 30 million disabled people on an absolute basis, a rate that remained steady for four or five years.

In February 2021, a trend change occurred, reaching a high of 33.2 million in September 2022, with numbers still trending up. That’s a three standard deviation rate of change since May 2021, which means that the chance of this happening is 0.03% — highly unusual.

Dowd explains, “Of the 3.2 million newly disabled Americans, 1.7 were employed but came from the employed population of the country.”


Dowd believes this jump in disability among the workforce is the reason why there’s a labor shortage and you’re seeing “help wanted” signs much more than in the past. He also observed an interesting trend among people who quit or left the workforce during this time period — their disability rate didn’t jump like those still working, many of whom were likely subjected to shot mandates to keep their jobs:9


Mass COVID-19 shots and mandates are the only factors that changed during that time that would make being employed a risk to your health, but the government isn’t investigating them. Why?


The More Vaxxed the Country, the Higher the Excess Deaths

Dowd believes the effects of COVID-19 shots appear to be cumulative, so he urges those who’ve already been injected to stop getting boosters. He also feels there’s enough alarming data to warrant the COVID-19 shot program being stopped immediately, as the death and disability from the shots could easily exceed that from COVID-19.

“This is the greatest crime scene I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says. “The greatest humanitarian toll we’re ever going to talk about. And it’s going to last with us for years to come. The economic ramifications are stark.”11

Dowd and colleagues have been tracking what they call Humanity Projects at their website, Phinance Technologies.12 There, you can see the data they’re tracking along with their related analyses.


One trend they’ve found is that the more vaccinated the country, the higher the excess mortality. Denmark, which is one of the most highly vaccinated, stands out. “They had an interesting experience,” Dowd says.13

“Every age cohort experienced greater excess mortality year over year. So 2021 was over 2020, and 2022 was over 2021, across all age cohorts … their death rate was on the decline … and it’s going back up. So Denmark has experienced detrimental health outcomes. Curiously enough, while I was writing the book, they effectively banned the vaccine for [those] under 50, where they said, We’d rather you get COVID than take the vaccine.'”



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