New January 6th Bodycam Footage Shows Cops’ Teargas Caused The Police Line Break

Via Twitchy

As we’ve said in the past we’re certainly not experts when it comes to any of this J6 stuff BUT you’d think this body cam footage that shows it was teargas being shot into the crowd and NOT a Trump tweet about Pence that caused supporters to rush through police lines would be kinda sorta and totally a big deal.

Or you know, at least pertinent to the J6 Committee.

Then again, the J6 Committee Chairman already claimed they didn’t see the footage or something.

This is … just unacceptable.

This seems pretty important. Right?

And yet they continued to push the narrative that Trump caused the riot.

Sorry, insurrection.

This thing just stinks more and more.

If we allow ourselves to wear a little tinfoil hat for a moment we can think of a reason or two for them to do so.




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