Are Public Health Authorities Sacrificing Our Children on the Altar of Vaccines?

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COVID, the pinnacle of a medical collective lunacy entrenched in vaccine propaganda at any cost, even at the expense of our children’s health. This needs to stop.

I want to give credit to and compliment Neil Z. Miller of the Institute of Medical and Scientific Inquiry in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a courageous and insightful article that triggered and inspired me today : “Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature”. All of you should read it. It’s an eye opener.


Mislabeling Vaccination Deaths for 50 Years?


In 1979, the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. redesigned the ICD coding list – International Classification of Diseases – and erased the possibility for the world’s coroners to label a cause of death related to vaccination!


“Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990-2019 and review of the medical literature” by Neil Miller, 2021

In the US alone, in the past 25 year, nearly $ 5 billion have been awarded to 9,946 victims [2] of vaccination, or to their families. Obviously, 10,000 people represents the tip of a much larger iceberg. Those who had the clairvoyance to acknowledge vaccination harm, who had the fortitude and resources to fight for compensation and who benefited from the good fortune to win in court are a happy few in the tens of millions of vaccines injured, most of whom lived through their pain and health drama never knowing the vaccination was the cause of their Parkinson’s disease, or their cancer.

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Monthly Statistics Report 

However there’s no question : In front of the Law, despite public health manipulations, vaccines harm exists and vaccination has been recognised as a killer in many cases, notably of babies.

Collectively, if we continue to hide vaccination harm, we will never get to understand the underlying cause of these dramas, and will never stop them.


Data show that for decades, public health officials and doctors have been playing Gods, indiscriminately injecting kids with an ever growing arsenal of products, occasionally killing them, often harming them for life.

Prior to the 1960s, the concept of sudden infant death syndrome didn’t even exist, and was not listed in the main causes of mortality. So, between 1960 and 1980, public health had to realise immunisation was a cause for serious concern. In 1979, they chose to hide it from the public and to protect vaccine manufacturers. And so harm has continued … as if nothing could be done to avoid vaccine adverse effects.

Between 1990 and 2019, 2,605 infant deaths were reported in VAERS, 78.3% of these deaths occurring within a week of vaccination! For the record, using a 59x myocarditis under-reporting factor (likely conservative) as per the Engler et al study on SmallPox vaccines – one can estimate that nearly 153,700 babies died of vaccination over thirty years. Some 5,120 families sorrowed each year during decades.

17% of all infant deaths reported in VAERS occur the day of vaccination. And 78% within a week!

That’s no coincidence. In any other business, that synchronicity would be evidence enough, specially given:

  • healthy kids don’t normally die,
  • the stake are high: our kids’ lives!
  • the precautionary principle would invite to a review, if not an immediate complete halt.


Public Health Authorities have managed to turn ethics upside-down supposedly for the greater good.

Except if it’s truly for the greater good, why are they spending so much energy trying to:

  • Erase all traces of vaccination-induced death or harm by stopping coroners using the appropriate label;
  • Relabel vaccination-caused deaths with other illegal labels: bed suffocation, strangulation fallacies, COVID…
  • Fragment and camouflage all adverse effects so as to make them acceptable (viral, bacterial, genetic, unexplainable!) as if Guillain-Barré, autism, SIDS, hepatitis or pediatric myocarditis hadn’t the same root cause. A very dark divide and conquer strategy built on hubris and arrogance, possibly corruption.


Whether it is to capture billions of dollars in revenue, or to pay tribute to the vaccine God (some are religious and utterly irrational about vaccines), we have sacrificed our collective health to this lunacy, and the emotional and economic consequences of this are simply gigantic.

Imagine if we could avoid many cancers, most Parkinson and Alzheimer’s diseases, MSI, autism…and more. That’s what we are contemplating, however hard it is to believe.

As we are witnessing in the gruesome aftermath of COVID vaccination, immumisation accidents occur frequently [4]


Throughout multiple articles, I have demonstrated that inadvertent intravascular injection of vaccines is a reality, and that the mechanism of harm [5]can – and will – apply across the endothelium according to the exposure of the endothelium. And so to SIDS, one needs to add clinical and sub-clinical damage to:

the brain likely explaining the explosion of autism this past 20 years,

  • the heart explaining the rise in pediatric myocarditis [6]
  • the liver explaining hepatitis as we saw over summer

the bone marrow explaining children blood cancers such as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which particularly touch toddler below 5 years of age;

  • the pancreas with Type 1 Diabetes

Contrary to what we have been made to believe, vaccination is neither safe for our children, nor for us. Poor vaccination protocols have been the likely premier cause of illnesses for over a century.



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