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After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares, Bill Gates Trashes Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines

Photo credit: Lowy Institute

By  Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Bill Gates, long recognized as one of the world’s foremost proponents of vaccines, raised some eyebrows at a recent talk in Australia when he admitted there are “problems” with current COVID-19 vaccines.

Speaking at Australia’s Lowy Institute as part of a talk entitled “Preparing for Global Challenges: In Conversation with Bill Gates,” the Microsoft founder made the following admission:

“We also need to fix the three problems of [COVID-19] vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking. They’re not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people.”

Such statements came as a surprise to some in light of Gates’ longstanding support of — and investments in — vaccine manufacturers and organizations promoting global vaccination. However, they were the latest in a string of developments in recent weeks that have increasingly called the COVID-19 vaccines, in particular, into question.

‘This is a grift’: Gates’ investments in mRNA vaccines reveal ‘conflict of interest’

Several analysts and commentators were critical of Gates — but not due to disagreement with the statements he made in Australia. Instead, they argued that he had previously heavily invested in mRNA vaccines at the same time he encouraged a global COVID-19 vaccination campaign and supported mandatory vaccination.

Speaking Jan. 25 on The Hill TV’s “Rising,” co-hosts Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave addressed Gates’ statements. Soave initially agreed at face value with Gates’ criticism of current mRNA vaccines, saying:

“He really nails it on the issues that we’re having: the short duration of protection, not a significant discernable impact on the transmission of cases … not a massive benefit for a lot of otherwise healthy and younger people.”

However, Soave — who on Jan. 19 revealed “Facebook files” indicating the CDC significantly influenced content moderation and censorship on the platform pertaining to COVID-19 vaccines — then pointed out Gates’ prior investments that contributed to the development of mRNA vaccine technology.

Soave said, “Bill Gates was a major proponent of mRNA technology … he was an investor in BioNTech, which developed the mRNA vaccine for Pfizer.”

“We were just doing some digging,” continued Soave, “[and] we saw that he sold a lot of those shares at … how much profit was that?”

“10x,” replied Gray. “He invested $55 million in BioNTech back in 2019 and it’s now worth north of $550 million. He sold some stock … at the end of last year, I believe it was, with the share price over $300, which represented a huge gain for him over when he invested.”

Soave then unleashed critical comments directed at Gates:

“Let’s follow that trajectory: [Gates] invests heavily in BioNTech, ‘mRNA vaccines are great, this is the future,’ he talks about the vaccine timeline and how we can develop it faster, ‘we might have to cut some corners on safety’ … All in … sells it … makes a huge amount of money … but now it’s ‘yeah, it’s okay, it could be better, but what we really need is this breath spray.’”

Soave was referring to a statement Gates made during his recent talk in Australia, immediately prior to his remarks regarding the mRNA vaccines, where he said:

“We think we can also have, very early in an epidemic, a thing that you can inhale that will mean that you can’t be infected, a blocker, an inhaled blocker.”

Gray raised the issue of conflicts of interest between individuals such as Gates who hold significant positions with drug and vaccine manufacturers, and the federal government’s spending of large sums of taxpayer money to purchase these products. She said:

“This is a grift. These companies are extracting money, taxpayer money as it were, to pay for medical treatments that are not indicated by medical professionals and are less useful than what we already have.

“At the same time, the Biden administration is opening its doors, revolving doors, to people from these various industries like Jeff Zients, who is the new chief of staff for Joe Biden … who has spent his entire career at the kinds of companies, investing in the kinds of companies, that have been overcharging the government for Medicare and Medicaid payments and exact kinds of overpayments. It is an enormous grift and one that is incredibly common.”

Zients was formerly the Biden administration’s “COVID czar” and publicly pushed for universal vaccination.

Soave then said that Gates’ statements, and the broader issue of conflicts of interest between drug and vaccine proponents and the federal government, give credence to the assertions long made by “anti-vaxxers and the like.” He said:

“For there not to be more interrogation of his conflict of interest here by the mainstream is deeply disturbing, and for people who have been skeptical of this aspect of Pfizer and the drug development around COVID and who have been shot down in the media as kooks, anti-vaxxers and the like, I frankly think that this issue of pharmaceutical corruption and people pushing various interventions, having an investment in profit, should have been an issue that the left was leading on.

“We have to be more transparent about the fact that people who are having input in what the government policy is going to be, what’s going to be required people, the Biden administration tried to require people to get this, shouldn’t it be known at least when there are hundreds of millions of dollars of financial interests at stake for the people advising this? And their tune changes as it follows the money!”

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel also had scathing remarks following Gates’ statements in Australia, writing on his blog:

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who served as one of the architects of Covid hysteria and had more of an impact than any other individual on the disastrous global pandemic policies, has finally acknowledged that the mRNA shots he’s been promoting for two years are nothing more than expired pharma junk.

“Translation: Gates admits that the shots are impossible to align with rapidly developing variants, they expire in lighting speed, and they don’t stop transmission. And they don’t work for the only at-risk portion of the population.”

Schachtel called this “an incredible reversal from the man who once advertised the shots as the cure to the coronavirus,” drawing upon Gates’ previous statement: “everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves but reducing their transmission to other people and allowing society to get back to normal.”

In 2021, Gates described the mRNA vaccines as “magic,” saying they would be a “game changer” in the next five years.

Gates warns about ‘next pandemic,’ praises lockdowns, calls for more pandemic simulations

As reported by the Daily Mail Jan. 23, Gates’ talk in Australia was notable for some additional statements he made.

Gates “called for greater global cooperation using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of how countries could improve on their response if they worked together,” arguing that “political leaders needed to set aside their differences and work together to prepare for the next virus.”

He also praised Australia’s strict lockdown policies. . .



22 thoughts on “After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares, Bill Gates Trashes Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines

  1. Bill along with Soros, Schwab, and a handful of other multi-billionaire scum are destroying this world for nothing more than control and self-aggrandizement.


  2. I still think they ought to tie him up in town square and let everyone give him a dose of his own medicine. Since when does someone who has not been to medical school, has not background in virology, and knows nothing except being a criminal, get to dictate our health to us? He don’t know shit about vaccines, except that they can be used to cull 15% of the population or more. He don’t even worry about what he says on tv or radio, he don’t think anyone is smart enough to know what he has said, or will remember that he said it.


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  4. Bill Gates, long recognized as one of the world’s foremost proponents of vaccines, raised some eyebrows at a recent talk in Australia when he admitted there are “problems” with current COVID-19 vaccines.

    William Gates III is one of the biggest hypocrites around today. He is a promoter of vaccines – but for others, not himself. (In this case, it’s not even about vaccines. A spade … Lipstick on a pig …) He refuses them all, as he knows why he shouldn’t use them … Before this, he preached about reducing the population in the world. An idea he inherited from his father William Gates II, a huge fan of eugenics. A true Mengele-ist and a father who loved what they did in Germany once. His son is on the very same trail, but with different cloths. Obviously, all this are linked together.

    Something he doesn’t grasp:
    Less people – less customers …
    Less customers – less sales …
    Less sales – less profit …

    Being rich and powerful is relative. If such ‘people’ are the only remaining on the Earth, the referens point is gone and the wealth have lost its value.

    One thing to remember, is how Gates career took off. This by software piracy, as he and his associates stole from unsuspecting Steve Jobs. With Windows 95, Gates engaged in phishing and with Windows 10 and later, you can’t do anything on your computer, without Redmond’s knowledge. I’ve seen this on one Win10 computer at work. This have only a WiFi connection, due to the environment. When this signal sometime fail due to noise disturbance from some of the machines, saving [MS Office] files locally on the hard drive doesn’t work before the WiFi connection is reestablished. When saving files on a file server, fine, but locally doesn’t make any sense, unless the computer needs to ‘report’. Which is senseless and criminal. For a company, this is a security issue, but we don’t bother, as sensitive information are not kept on this computer. It’s just a simple tool in production and no specific customer related. (At home, I’ve tried out Win10, but it’s way too slow and unstable compared to Win7 and Linux distro’s, due to bugs/”features” and phishing activities … All of my computers except one are running only Linux. The exception have Linux/Win7 dual boot.)

    The euenic part reminds me about the ‘hunter’-wolf issues we have here, where I live. The ‘hunters’ are blaming the wolves for stealing their game. The thing is, that the wolves are acting


    • … more professionally than the ‘hunters’, taking care of sick and old game, while the ‘hunters’ for long have been picking the strong and healthy game. Of course, the ‘hunters’ solution is to illegally kill the wolves, as they claim the wolves as a speices is new here. Well, they conveniently forget that the local wolves, that existed before humans here, once was exterminated by their own ‘profession’ and it made the migration of wolves from Russia possible. Illegal wolf hunting since, have kept the gene pool very limited. To sum it up, the present situation is due to most ‘hunters’ urge for blood and killing. Observe, I do not oppose hunting for surviving, which is natural behaviour in nature, but I oppose senseless hunting just for pleasing, which dominate today!


      • The Gates’ philosophy in the 1990s was to create viruses for the computer and sell anti-virus software. Now it’s to create viruses for humans and sell them mRNA garbage that doesn’t even work. What a humanitarian!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m using Lubuntu after trying a number of different dist’s, since early last year. Hate the forced Windows/Android styled updates though, that can’t be completly turned off, apparently. When the reboot pop-up notification shows up, I know it has messed up my setup, with multiple graphic cards etc and it will cause emergency mode at next boot. I have at this point fourteen computers … I tolerate it, as I now manage to reinstall completly within five minutes (using scripts) without any data loss. I stopped storing data on the system/boot disk long ago, due to instability experience with Windows. With Lubuntu, I have the home directory pointing to a second disk.

        Liked by 1 person

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