Dilbert Creator Acknowledges Natural Immunity

By Freedom Through Natural Immunity

I’ve always loved the cartoon strip Dilbert, which follows the life of a cynical office worker dealing with the absurdities of corporate America. Other characters include Dilbert’s clueless, pointy haired boss, his equally cynical colleagues and of course Dogbert, a megalomaniac dog who dreams of conquering the world. I find it eerily similar close to real life in the workforce and just hilarious!

What isn’t so funny is Dilbert strip creator, Scott Adams’s, rabidly obnoxious pro Covid 19 vaccination stance and his demonization of “anti vaxxers” as stupid, immoral people. It’s always baffled the heck out of me how someone so creative and seemingly aware of the dark side of human nature could be so off the mark, but that’s been par for the course lately.

Anyway, it appears Mr. Adams has had a change of heart (or more likely is worried about his heart), as the video below makes clear.

The anti vaxxers appear to be right. Now you’ve got natural immunity and you’ve got no vaccination in you. Can we all agree that was the winning path? The thing they’re not worried about is what I have to worry about, which is I wonder if that vaccine 5 years from now….

This is not an “I told you so” post. Rather I wanted to commend Scott Adams for his public about face, I give him a lot of props for that. I also think it’s important that people see these testimonies as the mainstream surely the mainstream media will not publicize it.

Not yet anyway, but soon they will have no choice. The safe and effective narrative on Covid 19 vaccines is crumbling and many people are expressing regret. Those of you feeling the same way should know you are not alone.

For the record, I don’t feel like I’ve “won” anything either. To the contrary, this unprecedented scientific experiment on 3/4 of the worlds population, the bullying, the shaming, the mandates and atrocious gaslighting around the injuries it has caused; all of this has brought great societal harm. There are no winners here, but rectification will come at some point. The more people like Scott who come forth publicly with their regrets, the quicker it will happen.

Via https://freedomthroughempowerment.wordpress.com/2023/01/24/a-shifting-tide-on-covid-vaccines/


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