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Tucker Carlson: Why is President Zelensky Banning Christianity in Ukraine?

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Given the background, it doesn’t come as a surprise.  Zelenskyy has previously made political opposition parties illegal and removed all media from Ukraine that is not state-authorized.   However, the move to ban Ukraine’s orthodox religion is still a considerable escalation into totalitarian extremes; all supported by the U.S. State Dept.

As Carlson notes in the latter part of his monologue, the insufferable propaganda has enmeshed the Ukrainian face of the western government, “It’s just a grotesque post-modern psy-op, and anyone still falling for this is brain damaged.”


4 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: Why is President Zelensky Banning Christianity in Ukraine?

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  2. People really need to know history to understand what is behind the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Russia had expelled satanists hundreds of years ago. I believe they went to the area known as Ukraine now. Zelensky was “playing” the piano with his phallis, and this should have spoke to his character and lack of morals. They worship the phallis and demand women be raped.
    So Zelensky banning churches is not a surprise. And “refugees” coming to the U.S. are a smokescreen to get more satanists into this country to destroy it. Because that, my friend, is what they are doing with refugees. They are “imported” to help the evil ones with their agenda.
    Like I’ve said in previous posts, Indiana seems to be ground zero. Israel bought 13,000 acres of Indiana farmland without the consent of the Americans who occupy the Knox and Starke Counties now. Jackie Walorsky, a representative of Elkhart area, was killed in an “accident” and replaced with a Hebrew, Rudy Yakym. I just wish people would wake up and understand what is happening.


    • Oh, and there have been six “accidents” involving Indiana State Troopers being hit and hospitalized or escaping death in the northern part of Indiana in the last six months. There are no coincidences.


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