German Nurse Walks Free After Injecting Almost 10,000 Patients With Saline Instead of COVID Jab

Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

Unsung hero nurse received 6 months probation and had her nursing license revoked.

A Red Cross nurse who injected 8,600 elderly patients with saline solution instead of the experimental COVID jab has walked free from court with only 6 months probation.

39-year-old Antje T. administered the saltwater solution “vaccines” at the Schortens jab center in Friesland, Germany, telling patients they were the Pfizer jab.

Antje T. jabbed up to 8,600 mostly over 70 patients who were mainly hospital employees, educators and doctors between March 5 and April 2021.

She reportedly shared her skepticism about the COVID jab’s safety and effectiveness on social media.

“The accused had shared various conspiracy theories on the Internet and on social media,” said court spokesperson Torben Toelle.

“However, the chamber could not determine with the necessary certainty that this set of ideas was the motive for her actions and that she then acted to sabotage a vaccination campaign.”

Police say she was able to make the switch from the real jabs to the saline because she was in charge of vaccine and syringe preparation during her shift.

She was reported to authorities after a colleague noticed she had used the saline solution on six patients in April 2021.


Ultimately, she was found guilty of six counts of intentional assault on November 30.

As many on social media noted, Antje T. should be awarded a medal instead of having her license revoked for saving thousands of people’s lives given the dangerous and experimental nature of the mRNA injection.



7 thoughts on “German Nurse Walks Free After Injecting Almost 10,000 Patients With Saline Instead of COVID Jab

  1. Why a trial, as basically every hotshots taking a jab in front of a camera got saline? She only did what they did on tv …

    A hero indeed! A nurse with ethics, knowledge and a conscience. That’s rare where I live. At best, they only have one of them, if any … She took the better choice in the Catch 22 situation. She would have failed anyway, but now she doesn’t have to worry about a manslaughter trial …

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  3. I suspected that Biden, and all “leaders” were injected with saline solution when they supposedly took the “jab”. You should watch the video “died suddenly” on rumble. But be aware that even though there is good information in the video, it is trying to blame the vaccine for the horrible clots developing in people. (TMI next) I saw these same “clots” after doing fasting and coffee enemas. And I never took the vaccine. They were showing up long before covid was a thing. I’m talking in 2015, when I first started doing coffee enemas. The most horrible looking things were coming out, that looked exactly like they show in the documentary. And one of the undertakers is making the freemason hand signal that they all do — with their index fingers coming to a point. Since they are satanists, it is likely the sign of the power of the phallis, or whatever nonsense they are believing. So that is a signal that the undertaker is not being entirely honest. Like he knows it is not the vaccine that is causing the clots. This could be a way to spread disinfo and explain the weird stuff coming out of people who died suddenly when they appear to be healthy.
    It is truly disheartening to read of a young athletic teen dropping dead while involved in sports.


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