How Many Americans Have Got Their Second Booster?

And why grandfathering COVID shots is entirely different and MUCH WORSE than grandfathered flu shots.

Dr Meryl Nass

7%. Seven percent. SEVEN PERCENT! Americans have said, “No more.” And so the authorities are trying a new con job to get more of us to offer our arms. The new improved version that the government and manufacturers were too scared to test! How many times do they think they can fool you?

In its article on the new booster authorizations last Wednesday, the WaPo had quotes from Peter Hotez and Michael Osterholm, both huge vaccine supporters. Neither was happy about the rush to get the boosters out before any human testing had been done.

Neither the WaPo nor the NY Times nor most other media bothered to tell their readers that FDA had refused to convene an advisory committee meeting so the public could see the evidence for the boosters and hear a discussion about them. They must have been instructed what to leave out.

The claim is that flu shots get grandfathered in each year with minor tweaks, so why not COVID shots? Here’s why:

  1. Flu shots have been around for decades and their differences from year to year are well understood
  2. Flu shots are used first in the southern hemisphere, so the US actually gets the benefit of six months of data before using them
  3. But the HUGE difference is that flu shots are licensed! They have liability! You can apply to the vaccine injury compensation program for damages. You get a legal hearing with a “special master’“ judge. The new COVID boosters are unlicensed, have no quality standards they are required to meet, and the manufacturers and government are off the hook if anything goes wrong

They fooled us enough. This time it’s shame on me.



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