Independent German Journalist Faces 3 Years Prison for Reporting Truth From Ukraine

By Baxter Dmitry

News Punch

German independent journalist Alina Lipp has been defying mainstream media by bravely reporting from Ukraine’s Donbass region. Now the reporter, who has been based in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region for six months, is facing three years in prison in her home country for her “crimes.”

So much for freedom of speech in the liberal Western world.

The charges against Ms Lipp relate to her coverage of the war in Ukraine from her News from Russia Telegram channel. While mainstream media coverage of the war is concocted in offices in major world cities, Lipp has been sharing real information from the front lines of the war with 175,000 subscribers in both German and Russian.

It seems breaking real news from the front is not in the interests of the global elite that run the Western world. Truth has become a crime.

In an interview with the Readonka World website, Ms Lipp explained that she is subject to criminal proceedings by the German federal government after receiving a letter from the prosecutor’s office.

Ms Lipp is accused by the German authorities of supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine and faces three years in prison under article 140 of the constitution and a monetary fine.

The letter says that, for example, I say in my Telegram channel that the population of Donbass supports the fact that Russia has launched a special operation.

“I also said that for several years Ukrainians have been killing civilians in the Donbass, and that this is genocide.

And it turns out to be a crime for Germany, so they took 1,600 euro from my bank account and didn’t even tell me about it,” Ms Lipp said.

German authorities also closed down her father’s bank account without warning, she claimed.

It’s called “financial asphyxiation” and the elites also used this technique against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for years.

Ms Lipp says she just films what she sees and doesn’t spread “fake information.”

MSOnline report: Despite the charges against her, she plans to continue reporting from Donetsk, which she said is being shelled daily by the Ukrainian armed forces.



6 thoughts on “Independent German Journalist Faces 3 Years Prison for Reporting Truth From Ukraine

  1. Alina LIpp wins our support and admiration for providing verified information that the German idocracy demands to remain hidden from the rest of the world.
    Ursula Haverbeck is another brave and admirable German Journalist, currently is in a German dungeom because of her prohibited articles which told the whole world that not one single human being was ever gassed at ANY German-controlled work camp during WW2


    • The Germans need to get off their knees and get rid of their Globalist/Zionist government. They have let a giant parasite steal billions from them since 1954!


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