The Monkeypox Left?

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Red Fire

05-08-2022: Could it be happening? Is it possible that the self-described left parties which fell hook, line and sinker for the Covid fraud would follow this by embracing the folly of Monkeypox as the next “pandemic”? Early signs are not encouraging.

As we have emphasised previously, whether or not the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists and is pathogenic, Covid never reached anything resembling a pandemic, but was rather a political cover for an attempted re-set of global capitalism at the expense of the working class and whole swathes of small businesses. It was in practice a civil war waged by the wealthiest ruling classes in history against workers and the oppressed.[1]

Elite politicians and a compliant media, on behalf of mega-billionaires, sold a bogus narrative that people were now bearers of life-threatening pathogens which meant that we had to submit to being continuously tested, drugged, covered up and controlled.[2] The fact that the politicians themselves were exempt from the dangerous mRNA injections we were told was “the only way out of the pandemic” – in itself gave the game away. Millions of workers, meanwhile, were terminated for refusing to endanger their health by taking the potentially deadly vaccines, and the “unvaccinated” were condemned as virtual heretics.

Monkeypox “emergency”

Almost all self-confessed “socialist” parties vigorously endorsed and enforced Covid hysteria, irrespective of previously accepted scientific doctrines. Yet, it did not take long for at least one party of the “Covid left” to take a step into the new realm of a “Monkeypox left”. No sooner had the World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General declared Monkeypox a ”public health emergency of international concern”[3], the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) leapt into action by fantastically declaring that earlier isolation and testing could have prevented the “outbreak”.

This while acknowledging that the WHO Director-General also admitted that the supposed Monkeypox virus is concentrated amongst men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple partners.[4] That is to say, if we stretch the bounds of credibility far enough, Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, which cannot justify society wide lockdowns and the shutdown of whole economic sectors.

Yet nothing is beyond rationality in the name of “public health” as far as the SEP is concerned. Last week, the SEP condemned Australian schools for NOT imposing facemasks on children allegedly to protect against Covid.[5] This is despite any number of medical professionals advising against mandatory masking, for adverse effects such as potentially permanent neurological damage to children through oxygen deprivation.[6]

Socialist Alternative (SAlt), who organised counter-demonstrations against anti-vaccine mandate rallies under the guise of their front group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (!)[7], were barely a step behind the SEP in their condemnation of Australian politicians for lifting facemask mandates.[8] Once again, SAlt are demanding more “Covid” restrictions and mandates than even the most conservative capitalist politicians are prepared to implement.

According to SAlt, who are arguably the most vocal in proclaiming themselves “Marxist”, lockdowns, border closures, facemask mandates, and vaccine mandates where the Big Pharma manufacturers are legally indemnified[9] – are all just public health measures! Workers losing their jobs, the loss of freedom of movement, being locked down in your house (if you have one – just ask the homeless) by the armed force of the state – all of these and more are imposed in the interests of your health – or so SAlt would have us believe.

If there was one party on the Australian left which preached against overt alliances between labour and political representatives of capital, it was the Trotskyist Platform (TP). Yet all of their years-long pulpit pounding on this principle vanished overnight with the appearance of Covid. As soon as lockdowns became a part of an unfortunately common vocabulary, TP instead turned against those who even suggested that the openly bourgeois Labor, Liberal and Green politicians might not be telling the truth about Covid.

Workers who suspected that enforced lockdowns and vaccine mandates might actually be part of an ulterior motive by the elite classes were all of a sudden “far-right” – which must have been news to them. So much does TP embrace the ruling class Covid ideology, they now declare that 2022 has been the worst year of the pandemic, and “hundreds of thousands” are suffering from Long Covid !![10] At the very least, these “Trotskyists” take their own name deeply in vain.



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