The US Military Just Used To Help Dementia Patient Try To Start WW3

By Caitlin Johnstone

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left Taiwan after a brief but diplomatically corrosive visit, the aftereffects from which may be felt for years to come.

Toward the end of her speech alongside Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, Pelosi’s brain underwent one of its increasingly common software glitches, causing her to begin babbling inarticulately.

Here is a transcript of what Nancy Pelosi’s brain said:

“In our earliest days at our founding of our country, Benjamin Franklin, our presidency, said, freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy, one thing, security here. If we don’t have- we can’t have either, if we don’t have both.”

Of course Benjamin Franklin was neither a president of the United States nor a “presidency”, and the quote Nancy’s floundering brain was reaching for was “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” These are not difficult things to remember or articulate for someone with functioning gray matter.

This is right up there with other famous neural malfunctions by the speaker, like her “Bernie loves hearing” gibberish from last year or her bizarre “Good morning, Sunday morning” restart in the middle of an interview a couple of years ago, and it calls to mind a DC pharmacist’s casual remark in 2017 that he had filled prescriptions to treat Alzheimer’s disease for some powerful decision makers on Capitol Hill.

None of which would be a problem, if we were talking about some little old lady whiling away her twilight years at a retirement home in Florida. But we are not; we are talking about one of the most powerful elected officials in the most powerful government on earth, third in the line of succession to the presidency after the vice president.

More importantly, we are talking about someone who just participated in an incendiary visit to Taiwan which has ensured the escalation of dangerous cold war tensions between major world powers, and could potentially have triggered a hot war with China.

US war machinery, including aircraft carriers and large planes, were mobilized to provide security for Pelosi’s visit ahead of her arrival. The United States military was literally just used to help a dementia patient try to start World War Three.

China’s response to Pelosi’s provocation has thankfully been relatively measured, though we’re about to see Taiwan fully encircled by the Chinese navy for a show of force unlike anything we’ve seen in decades, and Chinese sanctions upon Taiwanese commerce are still being announced. There will be political pressure in Beijing to escalate tensions with the US so as not to look weak, and the intensity of the new cold war has certainly been ratcheted up a notch, but when it comes to hot war it looks like humanity’s better angels have prevailed for now.

None of this makes it acceptable for the world’s most powerful government to send a politician whose brains are leaking out her ears to try to stir up hostilities under cover of its military forces.

The world is a worse place now than it was before Pelosi’s plane touched down. Less safe, less wealthy, less kind, and more frightening. Not one ordinary person has benefitted from her insanely hawkish provocation made in her final years on this earth, especially not the people of Taiwan.

The US empire is sick, and it is playing sick games with all our lives. As far as I’m concerned, its downfall can’t come soon enough.


8 thoughts on “The US Military Just Used To Help Dementia Patient Try To Start WW3

  1. “The US empire is sick, and it is playing sick games with all our lives. As far as I’m concerned, its downfall can’t come soon enough.”

    The problem with that is the fact that the U.S. seems hell bent on taking the entire world down when it collapses. There was no reason for Pelosi to go to Taiwan. That was a direct provocation aimed at China because the U.S. lunatics know that China is not going to send missiles to the U.S., but will instead go after Taiwan, which it has already blockaded. Those fools in other countries like China, Russia, Iran, Brazil, etc., need to all collectively drop missiles on the U.S. from one end to the other; better yet an atomic bomb or two should do it and since they refuse to do that, they can expect more of the like to continue from those lunatics in Washington.

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  2. Imagine the US deciding to visit Scotland which has a border with the UK & is currently considering a referendum to leave the UK. The US decides to announce it to the world but does not advise the UK Parliament or even ask it’s permission and instead just lands at a Scottish airport and gives a speech to the Scottish Parliament Holyrood and addresses them with an incoherent speech intended to convey in some muddled manner the merits of “liberty”. It’s worth remembering that the English Parliament has to give permission for Scotland to be able to hold a referendum on secession from the UK.
    Another alternative would be Wales, who under the Conservative regime is becoming more inclined towards a break from Whitehall rule.
    Pelosi’s visit is the equivalent of the above mentioned example of ignorance. It’s insulting and downright offensive to the state to which Taiwan has been a part of for so long.
    Would the US like to treat “Great Britain” the same contemptuous way?
    If not, what excuse can they offer for doing exactly the same thing to the Government of China?
    The answer of course is that they would not do such a thing. If they tried a stunt like this, the English would tell the US in no uncertain terms to F…Off! And rightly so.
    Thank God the Chinese are governed by sane heads and have the patience of Job.

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    • It is quite mindboggling that the rest of the world just cannot seem to figure out what we already know. Washington’s lunatics continue to provoke Russia by supplying Ukraine with weapons. That should be considered an “act of war” by the Russians and yet the Russians just continue to attack Ukraine and not go after the U.S. since Ukraine could not continue to put up a fight without the weapons the U.S. continues to hand over to them. And if that is not bad enough, the U.S. lunatics are now provoking China. It seems as though the U.S. lunatics know that no other country has such a depraved bunch of murdering lunatics as the U.S. because why else would these psychopaths continue to start mess all around the world and yet continue to face NO retaliation? And the lamestream media would have us believe that Russia is just bombing Ukraine, helter-skelter when that is not true. And how in the world could these psychopaths support someone like Zelensky when he, in the midst of ‘war’, takes the time to pose for Vogue magazine as though he is on the cover of GQ for dressing excessively debonair? The lunatics have most definitely taken over the asylum.


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