Nurse Erin Talks About FBI Harassing Her: They’re Scared of the Information I Have

Nurse Erin talks about being harassed by the FBI: They’re scared of the information I have

Dr Eddy Betterman

Whistleblower Erin Olszewski, better known as Nurse Erin, joined Owen Shroyer and guest host Kristi Lee in “War Room” to talk about how the government is purging individuals who go against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) narrative.

“The FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] has been at my door, they continue to harass me. And there’s a reason behind that: It’s because they’re scared of the information that I have,” Nurse Erin said.

“They just get rid of anyone who doesn’t follow the status quo. And if they continue speaking up like I have been … then they’ll just go after any type of income so you can’t feed your families.”

At the same time, she said the government has been lifting the murder of babies by giving them COVID-19 vaccines unnecessarily. “They don’t care about the children,” Nurse Erin said about the government as she narrated how she was fired from her job despite never being written up for misconduct during her entire career. (Related: Medical experts warn: Coronavirus boosters kill more lives than they save.)

“You build up your social media platforms — that gets too big — and you’re being too influential, so they tore that down, too.” Then she described how they went after her Linktree account and then her PayPal account. She even thinks that they will cut her Venmo shortly as well.

“The only thing I use PayPal for was just to be able to sell my books — like signed copies of my books — because they won’t put them on shelves either. So it’s just a modern-day book burning all over again,” Nurse Erin said.

Harassed, discredited for telling the truth

All these happened because Nurse Erin went viral for exposing hospital operations and how the corrupt healthcare system is killing patients who have or have been exposed to COVID-19. Then, they retaliated by having pro-government “media” assassinate her character online to discredit her.

An unnamed physician at Elmhurst Hospital, where she used to work, said that she “spoke from a place of ignorance,” and that she used “lazy and faulty conclusions” based on her superficial observations to “assassinate the character” of people.

She was also being harassed by the FBI, such as stopping her from speaking to the public about her experience in the hospital. Her hospital in New York fired her, the FBI took away her public platforms and her payment processing sites and she went on to deal with the everyday problems they were dealing her.



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