Eradicating cardiovascular disease with vitamin C

Paul Anthony

Dr Rath Foundation

Among the general public, arguably the best known of the above-listed vitamins is vitamin C. Discovered by Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi, who was rewarded with a Nobel prize in 1937, its use as a therapy for fighting the common cold became popularized by two-time Nobel prizewinner Linus Pauling in the 1970s. Pauling went on to become an early proponent for the use of high-dose vitamin C in the treatment of cancer. As important as his pioneering efforts were, however, it was Pauling’s later collaboration with Dr. Matthias Rath on the role of vitamin C in preventing cardiovascular disease that was ultimately to prove transformational.

A series of key scientific papers coauthored with Pauling in the early 1990s outlined Dr. Rath’s revolutionary scientific discovery that the primary cause of cardiovascular disease in humans is a deficiency of vitamin C. As these papers described, ensuring optimum daily intakes of vitamin C can ultimately pave the way towards abolishing human cardiovascular disease as a cause for human mortality.

Building on this groundbreaking work, in a study published in 2015 scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute definitively proved that cardiovascular disease is essentially an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Notably, therefore, in parallel with a growing worldwide awareness of Dr. Rath’s scientific discovery, recent decades have seen a significant decline in cardiovascular mortality. This development opens up the tantalizing possibility that in the years ahead, the eradication of cardiovascular disease – or, at least, its near-eradication – can be achieved.

Reaching this monumental goal for global health is as much a political challenge as it is a scientific one. Reducing the influence of the trillion dollar a year pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ will be vital. So too will the need to educate open-minded politicians regarding the facts about vitamins and health.


Let’s Celebrate ‘World Vitamin Day’

3 thoughts on “Eradicating cardiovascular disease with vitamin C

  1. “World Vitamin Day” is certainly a day I’d enthusiastically celebrate(it was on July 2nd) because I credit the fact that I take 50,000 IU of Vitamin D weekly and I take 500 mg of Vitamin C daily and I do believe by doing so, that is why COVID was kicked out of my body sooner rather than later. I believe I shall incorporate zinc and Vitamin B12 into my vitamin regimen. And I must admit, the most troubling thing I had while having COVID at the same time, was the strep throat because it was so hard to swallow due to the severity of the pain in my throat. But I strongly believe in the curative powers of vitamins.

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  2. Shelby, I belong to the group New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science and they closely follow the protocols for early Covid treatment developed by Dr Peter McCullough and the recently late Dr Vladimir Zelenko. McCullough calls the regimen you describe above “neutriceuticals,” and he views it as an essential component of early Covid treatment. With many people (including you apparently) it seems to be all they need. It also seems to provide strong natural immunity against reinfection.

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    • “. It also seems to provide strong natural immunity against reinfection.”

      I’m most glad to read that part. Dr. Bramhall, I strongly believe that the reason so many COVID patients died was not due to COVID, but due to what those death squads fronting as doctors were using to ‘cure’ the patient of COVID. Nothing is ever administered that is not a costly big pharma drug and does little to no harm to the patient who is already sick, hence why many cancer patients take a turn for the worst while undergoing chemo. It certainly did nothing FOR my dad, but hastened his departure. I will try natural means to fight off these deliberately released viral pathogens because believe me, more are coming down the pike which is why I believe that they are hell bent on killing our immune systems with that mess they tried to get me to take, “infusion therapy.” I would be dead if I had been stupid enough to go through with that. They really must think ALL of us are dumb, stupid and ignorant.

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