New Hampshire Enshrines Medical Autonomy Over Vaccines

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On June 24th, 2022, HB1495 was signed into law. This bill prevents the state from requiring businesses to check vaccination statuses as a condition of employment.

From the bill:

The state of New Hampshire and its political subdivisions shall not:

I. Require any business to require the vaccination of any customer or employee except as specified in RSA 141-C:20-a, I; or

II. Require any business to require or check for the possession of any documentation for certifying vaccination or immunity status.

III. This section shall not apply to state agencies certifying a medical facility, or a provider which is subject to a valid and enforceable Medicare or Medicaid condition of participation that imposes a vaccination requirement.

Note that this does not prevent free-association of businesses; businesses in NH are free to require vaccinations if they choose. The state simply is not authorized to require that of them.

Also important to consider is that New Hampshire has some of the lowest unemployment in the country, meaning that there is no shortage of employee choice on this matter.

Religious and medical exemptions for healthcare providers required

HB1604 was signed into law on June 24th. This bill requires state hospitals and medical facilities to grant religious and medical exemptions from vaccination requirements, provided that any request for a medical exemption shall include the supporting documentation required by federal regulation.

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