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Sixty Years After Her Death, New Evidence Suggests Marilyn Monroe Was Murdered by Bobby Kennedy and LAPD Covered Up Murder

Marilyn Monroe's Autopsy And What It Revealed About Her Death

Jeremy Kuzmarov

Covert Action Magazine.

Loose-lipped pillow talk may have sealed the fate of the sex goddess who had affairs with both Bobby and John
Marilyn Monroe was Hollywood’s most marketable and dazzling star during the 1950s and early 1960s. On August 4, 1962, her life came to a premature and tragic end at the age of 36.

According to the official story, Marilyn committed suicide by swallowing too many barbiturates. She was depressed because she had been dumped by Robert Kennedy—and before that John.


Bombshell Revelations

A new Netflix documentary, The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, and a book published by former LAPD officer Mike Rothmiller and Douglas Thompson, Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe (London: Ad Lib Publishers, 2021), puncture the official narrative about Monroe’s death, detail corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and expose liberal icon Robert Kennedy as a murderer.

The Kennedy brothers’ sexual dalliances with Monroe were known to the FBI, LAPD and CIA because of surveillance carried out by Fred Otash, a private investigator who worked for all three agencies and who had been hired by Teamsters boss James Hoffa to “get dirt” on the Kennedys.

All the fun and games threatened to come to an end when a scorned Marilyn threatened to hold a press conference and expose her affairs with the Kennedys—which would have shattered their wholesome public image.


On the night of Marilyn’s death, the file cabinets in her guesthouse were significantly broken into and her diary was confiscated along with love letters between her and Bobby.


Journalist Tony Sciacca wrote that Marilyn Monroe was “murdered because she knew too much about men at the top of the country’s power structure,” and that the murderers afterwards “callously tossed around her naked [lifeless] body in a desperate search to remove all evidence that she had ever been intimate with the Kennedys,” attempting to carefully arrange the death scene. “But like the Plumbers at Watergate, the federal agents botched the job so badly that it was obvious to the first cop on the scene that Marilyn had been murdered.”


Peter Lawford Spills the Beans

In 1982, former LAPD detective Mike Rothmiller interviewed actor Peter Lawford who, over the course of the interview, appeared to unburden himself of a terrible nightmare he had kept secret for years.

Lawford confessed to Rothmiller that, when he and Bobby went to Marilyn’s house, she appeared slightly intoxicated and the situation quickly became heated as Marilyn accused Bobby and his brother Jack of treating her like a whore.

When Bobby shook his hand in her face, Marilyn slapped it away and Kennedy slammed her to the floor near the sofa. He then leaned over her, screaming profanities and grabbing her flailing arms by the wrists. Struggling to free herself, Marilyn slapped Bobby who had to be subdued.

Lawford at the time believed that Bobby was interested in finding Marilyn’s diary. Bobby began rummaging through cabinets and drawers in the house, while Lawford stayed with Marilyn and tried to calm her. After a few minutes, Marilyn confronted Bobby in her bedroom where he was looking through her dresser and told him to get out of there. Kennedy then violently pushed Marilyn, causing her to fall onto the bed. She now began to cry.

Bobby held her down on the bed and reportedly yelled: “Where is it?” He said he had to have the diary and would pay her. Kennedy then screamed something to the effect: “You’d better shut your mouth.”[29]

Marilyn by this time was hysterical as Bobby stormed out of the bedroom. When Lawford tried to console Marilyn, Bobby went to the kitchen sink. Lawford next saw him with a glass of water that he was stirring. Apparently he had put something in the drink.

Kennedy then walked to the living room and Kennedy gave her the glass and said “drink this and you’ll feel better.” Marilyn refused at first but, with Lawford’s coaxing, took the drink (Lawford said at the time he thought Kennedy had put a sedative in the drink that would calm her). Kennedy then told Marilyn to “finish it.” With that, she finished the drink.

Subsequently, Marilyn passed out on the couch and Lawford and Kennedy renewed their search of the house for Marilyn’s diary. When Lawford glanced again at Marilyn she looked to be unconscious, with a waxen complexion. He told Kennedy and said they needed to call an ambulance. Bobby responded by grabbing Lawford’s arm and saying “leave her.”

As the two left, Lawford saw two men enter Marilyn’s house whom he thought might be detectives or CIA agents. Lawford and Kennedy then got into Lawford’s car and Lawford drove Bobby to the airport.

At the end of the interview Lawford told Rothmiller that, after he left the house, he believed that Marilyn was dead. Lawford also said he was aware that there was a subsequent delay in calling the police, which was designed to give Bobby an alibi.


Fred Otash Tapes

Fred Otash’s surveillance confirmed that Robert Kennedy indeed visited Marilyn with Lawford on August 4, that the conversation between Marilyn and Kennedy became heated, and that Kennedy asked Marilyn how much money she wanted to keep her relationship with him and his brother secret. This question infuriated Marilyn, who began screaming at Bobby.


Marilyn at this point possibly said “who are you?” and then there were sounds of another struggle interlaced with muffled screams and men’s voices telling someone to shut up. After 20 minutes, Marilyn’s voice could no longer be heard—though other voices could be heard saying “take this,” “take that” and “did you find it?”

Otash believed that the men in the house may have administered a drug to Marilyn to subdue her and then were probably searching for her diary (marks of an injection were subsequently found on Marilyn though not reported in the original autopsy)] Later, Marilyn’s diary turned up in the OCID’s top secret files, which indicates the agents found what they were looking for.[34]


Bernard Spindel Tapes–Yet More Incriminating Material

Yet more incriminating material was unearthed by Bernard Spindel, a wiretap expert working for Jimmy Hoffa who died of a heart attack in jail at the age of 45 in 1968 after medication he was taking was withheld from him. Spindel had installed wires in Marilyn’s home and elsewhere around Los Angeles to get the dirt on Kennedy.

One most revealing tape was of a call from San Francisco to a West Los Angeles home early Sunday morning, August 5, at a time Marilyn was already dead though word of her death had not yet been reported to police. The caller from San Francisco, who must have been Kennedy, asked: “is she dead yet?”



2 thoughts on “Sixty Years After Her Death, New Evidence Suggests Marilyn Monroe Was Murdered by Bobby Kennedy and LAPD Covered Up Murder

  1. I am not surprised. I read every book about Marilyn. At one time they thought it might be a fatal injection that killed her, shot in her private parts. Motive was always the Kennedy brothers.


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