Something Weird is Going on in China

China: Treatment for Non-Covid ...

Brandon Smith


(from Food Shortages in Six Months)


China’s crackdown on covid infections has reached levels so bizarre I have to ask the question: Are their lockdowns really about covid, or are they hiding something else?

The death rate of covid in China is impossible to calculate accurately because they have never released proper data that can be confirmed. However, almost everywhere else in the world we see a median infection fatality rate of 0.27% for covid; meaning, over 99.7% of people in the world on average have nothing to fear in terms of dying from the virus. But in China, the CCP is acting as if they are dealing with the Black Plague. Why?

Lockdowns have resulted in food shortages across the country as supply chains become strained and manufacturing remains shut in many cases. The story many westerners are not hearing much about, though, is the fact that Chinese exports have essentially been frozen. This is very important so I think it needs emphasis – Over 1 IN 5 container ships IN THE WORLD are now backed up in Chinese ports due to their covid lockdowns. This is incredible.

Why would China do this over a virus we all know is not dangerous to the vast majority of people? Why institute the worst lockdown in the country so far and starve their own people when the majority of Western governments have now given up on their pandemic fear mongering and the forced vaccination agenda?

I would suggest the possibility that China might already be engaging in an economic war that many Americans and Europeans don’t even realize is going on. This may be a beta test for a shut down of exports to the US and Europe, or it is an incremental shutdown that is meant to become permanent. The bottleneck on trade may also be a precursor to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Taiwan is actually more dependent and intertwined with China’s economy than many people know. China is the biggest buyer of Taiwan’s exports and those exports account for 10% of Taiwan’s GDP. Taiwan has hundreds of thousands of workers and businessmen that travel regularly to China to work, another economic factor that is now strained by lockdowns. Furthermore, Taiwan has multiple corporations that operate their factories on mainland China, all of which could be closed due to covid lockdowns.

All I’m saying is, if I was China planning on invading Taiwan in the near future, I might consider using covid as a cover for damaging their economy first and disrupting their export model. Communists see the population as a utility that can be sacrificed if necessary, and China is perfectly willing to cause short term suffering to their people if it means long term gains for the party. Beyond that, if I was going to engage in economic warfare with the west covertly, what better way than to tie up 20% of the world’s cargo ships and disrupt supply chains in the name of protecting the country form a “pandemic?”

The bottom line? Don’t rely on China to fill export needs for fertilizer ingredients or anything else as sanctions on Russia continue.



4 thoughts on “Something Weird is Going on in China

  1. Strange indeed, but it does no good to speculate. Does anyone in the West have communication with Xi Jinping? Maybe someone should ask him what’s going on. If we had a cordial relationship with Russia, maybe Putin could shed some light. It appears the West and the East are facing a stand-off, and the East has the advantage.

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  2. Before smearing China and its ruling party one should think of another danger China might be well aware of: China was the first target of the virus most probaly brought by the US delegation at the Military World games in Wuhan. China might fear that more modified variants may be brought to China specifically targetting people of east Asian descent. Dont forget page 60 of “Rebuilding America´s Dfefences”:
    “A Reminder: Neocon Think Tanks and Fascism”:

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    • You’re probably right, Schluter. Matthew Ehret seems to share your views. I heard a great interview with him last night about the people involved in the color revolution in China known as Tiananmen Square and how Xi has systematically removed everyone connected with them and the WEF from power. He shares your view that China has good reason to fear some kind of US bioweapon in Shanghai. I think you both would find the interview extremely enlightening:

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