New Zealand Health Professionals Speak Out

On November 15, 2001 all NZ medical professionals who chose not to be vaccinated were fired. At present, doctors and nurses who have contracted Covid (which contraindicates receiving a Covid booster for 90 days) are being stood down because their current vaccine passport has lapsed. See



There is a massive march in New Zealand. Of awakened souls. Sharing information. Collaborating and creating.

Kirsten is a 48yo nurse who has been a registered vaccinator and was mandated out of her profession. She spoke at a recent Counterspin event about the removal of informed consent from the clinical process.

Dr Mark Worthington, an oral surgeon, spoke at the same event about his own mandate experience, including fearful colleagues with inadequate knowledge of the human-virus interface; and his reaction (similar to mine) when he was told to only listen to “a single source of truth”.

Freedomight Films created this two part series showing the Wellington protests in February 2022 and interspersing footage with information from world renowned scientists and New Zealand politicians and journalists living through the same fight.

Misclassification and Misreporting of Covid Deaths, Keeps People in Fear:

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