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How Scared of November Are the Democrats? They Fear Populist Tulsi Gabbard

Tom Luango

Gold Goats ‘N Guns

Since the day she announced she wouldn’t be running for re-election in 2020 I knew Tulsi Gabbard was distancing herself from the Democratic Party for a potential Presidential run in 2024.

Gabbard is supposed to be everything the Democrats want.  A strong, ‘progressive’ female of ‘color’ who backed Bernie Sanders’ runs for the nomination, implying she’s a useful Commie.  She was groomed early on as a WEF Future Leader and put on important House Committees which landed her default invitations to CFR meetings, while also being a member of the Democratic National Committee.

It was clear she was being schmoozed by the DNC and Davos to become a major player from the moment she was first elected to Congress in 2012.

But something happened on the way to Gabbard’s ascension to the top of the U.S. political scene, her conscience got the better of her.  I’ve followed Gabbard for years and watched her carefully, knowing full well about her past associations with Davos.

Now, for the New Statesman to run a schlocky piece about her as a GOP Dark Horse last week at a pivotal moment in the shifts in Congress against the Democrats’ domestic policy is telling of just how scared the Democrats and Davos are of the 2024 vote getting split along populist lines.

She’s fostered a cult of personality among her supporters, who either refuse to acknowledge that Gabbard holds right-wing positions or, more often, go on to adopt those positions themselves. Lately, Gabbard’s pivot to cancel-culture pundit, complete with undertones of worries about anti-white “racism”, has inspired her followers to take on the same pet issues. They’ve gone from iconoclastic left-leaning upstarts to “American patriots” without a blink.

And here I thought she was a Davos stalking horse to lead stupid libertarians away from the GOP because she’s hawt and anti-war?

It gets so confusing to keep the narrative straight anymore, but, asking for consistency from the loony left is like asking Joe Biden to remember what he had for breakfast yesterday,

The rest of the article is nothing more than a hit piece to smear Gabbard through guilt-by-association to keep control over the soccer mom set from jumping from the sinking ship that is the Democratic Party. It’s that same ship Gabbard was two years ahead of everyone else in leaving I remind you.

The Populism Problem is that it’s Popular

Remember, folks, populists are the new Nazis in the New Normal and everyone not ‘down with the Commintern’ has to be painted with that brush as often as possible.

The Department of Justice just told us this is the case. They’ve created a new specialized unit to combat ‘Domestic Terrorism’ which amounts to spending non-existent tax money on investigating and intimidating pretty much anyone reading this blog post.

This response from the DoJ is just part of the fallout from the false flag operation that was January 6th, 2021.  Even a milquetoast like Jonathan Turley can see what’s happening here and is now concerned about it.

The Democrats know they have zero chance of retaining the House or the Senate in the fall and what they are doing now is using 1/6 as the means by which to limit who can and cannot run for office this fall and beyond.








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