Australia and New Zealand are targets of COVID psychological experimentation

Australia and New Zealand are targets of COVID psychological experimentation

Dr Eddy Betterman

Long before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was ushered in as a global plandemic, psychological terrorists from the United Kingdom were quietly invading Australia and New Zealand and manipulating their respective governments into setting up “nudge teams” to influence public sentiment about things.

It was not until the plandemic came into full swing that people started to figure out that “covert psychological strategies” were being used to manipulate people’s thoughts. Part of the reason why it took so long to figure out is because the tactics used were “below their level of awareness.”

The same tactics were, of course, also being used in the United Kingdom where it all began.

“The British people have been subjected to an unevaluated psychological experiment without being told that is what’s happening,” a regular attendee of SAGE, the U.K. government body that coordinated the country’s Fauci Flu response, is quoted as saying.

“All of this is about trying to steer behavior in the direction an elite has decided, rather than deciding if it is the right thing or the ethical thing to do.”

Behavioral manipulation teams were brought into Australia and New Zealand from the U.K. to secretly increase compliance with COVID fascism

For two years and counting, totalitarian tactics of “deploying fear, shame and scapegoating” ran rampant. Civil servants and government scientists were used to spread frightening imagery and ideas, scaring people into compliance.

“Green technocrats have long relied on behavioral science to bypass democratic debate,” reported the Daily Exposé. “The environment was the first area where behavioral interventions were designed and adopted in Britain. So, what’s next. Will we be ‘nudged’ into Net Zero?”

Rather than question anything throughout the plandemic, the corporate-controlled media instead amplified the fear messaging coming from these nudge units. This also occurred Down Under, with the following people working on nudge units in Australia and New Zealand:

Dr. Alex Gyani, Director of Research and Methodology, APAC
Amy Yung, Financial Accountant
Bowen J. Fung, Research Advisor
Caitlin Court, Advisor,
Carina Lutke, Bookkeeper and Officer Manager (Sydney)
Dr. Elizabeth Convery, Senior Research Advisor
Emma Leith, Associate Advisor
Erin Howard, Project Manager
Dr. Erin Lawn, Associate Advisor
Karen Cronan, Operations Manager, Australia and Asia Pacific
Dr. Vera Newman, Research Advisor
Tash Woods, Advisor
Sheridan Hartley, Program Director
Saul Wodak, Associate Advisor
Dr. Rory Gallagher, Managing Director, Australia and Asia-Pacific
Ravi Dutta-Powell, Senior Advisor
Laura Moyce, Growth & Strategy Officer
Dr. Karen Tindall, Principal Advisor.

There sure are a whole lot of Karens in that bunch.

Two names in particular that deserve extra mention are Rory Gallagher and Alex Gyani. Gallagher led the creation of the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Behavioral Insights Unit, which was the first Australian agency dedicated to applying behavioral “insights” to public policy.

A couple examples of his work include a COVID “retesting” program that successfully persuaded 12 percent more people to get tested if they feel like they have symptoms. The other is COVID self-isolation, with Gallagher’s efforts resulting in 29 percent fewer people breaching stay-at-home orders.

Gyani similarly helped design strategies for the governments of Australia and New Zealand to convince more people to comply with COVID dictates.




6 thoughts on “Australia and New Zealand are targets of COVID psychological experimentation

  1. Reblogged this on haurietisaquas and commented:
    Behavioral Manipulation Teams ? Sounds Way Out! I believe, however, that something is trying to move our minds away from anything that is TRUE. This article gives a credible view of what it may be.


  2. Sounds like Psychological warfare against their own citizens. We should never believe them again. 20 years in prison for each of these sounds about right.


  3. For the most thorough account of the psychological warfare techniques used against us citizens, please read, “States of Emergency Keeping the Population in Check” by Kees van der Pijl, Clarity Press, 2022.

    “In this urgent new study, veteran international relations scholar Kees van der Pijl show how the ruling groups exploited the Covid-19 virus to impose a worldwide state of emergency and a psychosis of fear that allowed them to extend their power and control at a time when global capitalism is beset by crisis. Brilliantly researched, impeccably sourced, the story is told in an engaging style and with great analytical acuity. Here is a dire warning against the slide into authoritarianism to contain the revolt of restive populations who can take no more deprivation. It must be read by the broadest possible public.”
    William I. Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Global and International Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara


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