Survey: Fully vaccinated believe every lie about Russia and Ukraine, fully support wartime escalations

SURVEY: The fully vaccinated believe every lie about Russia and Ukraine, fully support wartime escalations

Dr Eddy Betterman

new survey by the Canadian national polling firm EKOS has found that the more “vaccine” injections a person gets for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the more likely he or she is to believe every word of corporate media propaganda about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Unvaccinated Canadians, EKOS found, are 12 times more likely than those who received three “doses” of a Fauci Flu shot to believe that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was justified. Almost nobody who is “fully vaccinated” supports Putin’s actions, the survey revealed.

A mere two percent of triple vaccinated Canadians said they support Putin’s attack compared to 26 percent of people who received no jabs. This, says EKOS president Frank Graves, shows that vaccination status is a strong predictor of one’s views on the war.

From the seizing of property from Russian oligarchs to providing non-military aid to Ukraine, the fully jabbed support just about anything that is “pro-Ukraine,” the survey found. And this is because the same media that told them to get injected for their own “safety” is now saying that Ukraine is good and Russia is bad.

“In each case, a vast majority of vaccinated Canadians agreed with measures to help Ukraine and oppose Russia, a view held by only a small minority of unvaccinated people,” reported the Toronto Star, which apparently supports Ukraine.

Graves says unvaccinated support Russia because they read too much news “online”

Conducted from March 9 to March 13, the survey asked a random sampling of 1,035 Canadians a series of questions about Russia and Ukraine. It reported a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Ten percent of those surveyed, or about 105 people, identified as unvaccinated. The rest had received anywhere from one to three injections of a Fauci Flu shot in obedience to Justin Trudeau’s regime.

Of those Canadians who received three injections for COVID, a whopping 82 percent said they agree with imposing tougher sanctions on Russia, even if doing so means much higher prices for food and fuel at home.

Conversely, only 18 percent of unvaccinated survey respondents said they support sanctions.

As for taking in Ukrainian refugees, 85 percent of triple-jabbed respondents said they would welcome an influx with open arms. Only 30 percent of unvaccinated respondents feel the same.

Based on what the Western media and government officials are saying, the triple jabbed almost unanimously believe that Russia is guilty of committing war crimes with the invasion. Less than 33 percent of unvaccinated Canadians, meanwhile, believe similarly.

All in all, the study found, a “plurality of vaccine refusers are much more sympathetic to Russia.” This is probably due to the fact that, just like they did with COVID injections, the unvaccinated did their own due diligence and independent research, and did not simply digest whatever they were told about the war by propagandists.

Naturally, the Toronto Sun reported this as a negative thing. Graves himself was also upset by the results, calling them evidence of “the highly corrosive influences of disinformation.”

Unironically, Graves said that the unvaccinated believe differently than the fully jabbed because they are “reading this online” and “consuming this from the same sources that were giving them the anti-vax stuff.”

The same is true of the fully jabbed, of course, who receive all of their information from the likes of CNN, but Graves made no mention of that. Instead, he tried to pretend as though his opinions are facts and everyone else’s beliefs are “misinformation.”



4 thoughts on “Survey: Fully vaccinated believe every lie about Russia and Ukraine, fully support wartime escalations

  1. Thanks for this link: invasion of Ukraine
    It lead me to this:
    Pentagon ran bioweapons labs in 25 countries, including Ukraine… yet no global outcry against the USA for funding covid gain-of-function crimes against humanity

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    How Should Canada respond to the Ukraine invasion: Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated
    Respondents who said they received 3 or more shotsRespondents who said they were unvaccinated
    Respondents who said they received 3 or more shotsRespondents who said they were unvaccinated
    Imposing tougher economic sanctions on Russia
    Seizing the assets of Russian oligarchs associated with President Putin
    Cutting off oil shipments from Russia
    Sending additional military equipment to Ukraine
    Providing additional loans and non-military aid to Ukraine
    Providing Ukraine with fighter jets
    Dispatching military forces to Ukraine
    None of the above
    Don’t know/No response

    The study concludes the results point “to the highly corrosive influences of disinformation.”
    “This is definitely a new and bluntly insidious force that’s contributing to polarization and disinformation and poor decision-making. And it doesn’t seem to be going away. Things are getting worse,” said Graves. “I don’t think this is because those people had an ingrained sympathy to the Russians. They’re reading this online, they’re consuming this from the same sources that were giving them the anti-vax stuff.”
    The EKOS survey comes out at a time when some of the loudest anti-vaccine voices that supported the Ottawa occupation are pushing disinformation about the Ukraine war over social media channels that reach tens of thousands of people.

    How vaccination status might predict views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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