Media incitement and resulting police brutality demand public enquiry

There are reliable reports that around 1700 official complaints have been recorded by the Police Complaints Bureau. Surely this unprecedented number must of its own accord provoke an official enquiry.


A shocking confession from a police detective who volunteered to remove the anti-mandate protesters from parliament raises questions that should be answered by public enquiry (or even Royal Commission).

The confession provides a stark picture of the mindset of police involved in the clearing operation. It also raises questions about the mainstream media’s role in promoting an entirely false narrative concerning the protests. Thereby inciting hatred and encouraging disinformed (and gullible) police to commit acts of brutality towards the protesters.

Below is the insanely bigoted and prejudiced comment from the unnamed police detective, who volunteered for the operation after responding to incentives such as five star accommodation and bonuses. Incentives that suggest among more wise elements of police staffing, there was a sensible reluctance to participate. The unnamed detective made the statement in a mainstream media interview published today. He said-

I was angry we were being treated like…

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