Moving to Substack and Telegram Owing to WordPress Censorship

Telegram Messenger: A guide for parents

Just to let people know I’m moving to Substack and Telegram after several readers informed me I’ve been censored from WordPress Reader feed.

The link to my Substack account is

The link to my Telegram channel is

I’ll continue to publish on WordPress as long as I’m able, but if my blog suddenly disappears you’ll know where to find me.



33 thoughts on “Moving to Substack and Telegram Owing to WordPress Censorship

  1. How sad it has to be this way. I’ve written down your new info, with an old-fashioned pen and paper, but hope to still find you on WordPress.

    This is happening to others I know, too. I have a friend who is regularly sent to “Facebook jail” for his politically incorrect posts.

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    • they censor the reader feed. i noticed it a couple of years ago. some of my feeds simply stopped updating and cant be re-followed. hasnt happened to this one yet.


      • Hmmm… below, I’ve indicated the same thing but is it deliberate or is it a software glitch? There’s one page on the WordPress Backend, not the one on your site and although I keep losing its location (the WP design is so awful, complex and confusing, that’s why) but on that page (I’ll find it again!) there’s a Checkbox option to turn OFF all the WP email feeds to you. Like I said below, it’s happened 3 or 4 times. Let me find page and bookmark the bloody thing!


        • i dont know if its deliberate or not. i didnt think so at first. but the ones that stop updating, like Global Research, Jimmy Dore and most recently Childrens Heaith Defence are conveniently counter to the prevailing mainstream narrative. It’s suspicious to me. If you can find out how I can reinstate these cites I would be appreciative.


        • then again, most everything i follow is counter to the mainstream narrative. like i say, it hasnt happened to this site yet. so i dont know. if its a glitch i certainly hope they fix it.


          • Like I said, there’s this single checkbox which controls whether or not you get emails whenever there’s a new post from the sites you follow and as I also said, I found it the other day (I was looking for it) and saw that it had been turned off, again, so I wouldn’t receive notifications BY EMAIL. I still followed the sites but had to view them in the WP Reader, which I NEVER use. So, I need to find that page again so I can publicise it.

            If the site you follow (or thought you did) are still available in the Reader, then it’s this checkbox that’s problem. If the sites you follow are either, Unfollowed or have vanished from the Reader, then unless you deleted them, they’ve been removed by WordPress.

            Does this make sense?


              • Nomad,
                Well you never stated that. So, blogs that you follow, that would normally be on your WordPress Reader page are being deleted or are the feeds being intercepted, or are your subscriptions being cancelled without your knowledge? Have you queried WordPress? See I’ve published literally 1000s of posts on Palestine, 2340 to be precise and not a one has been censored, yet. I’m not saying it’s not happening but why you and not me and others who use the WP platform?


    • Amber, a number of friends I followed were totally deplatformed by WordPress for “violating community standards” (ie unacceptable political content) about a year ago. Several had subscriptions to “premium” and couldn’t get their money refunded.


  2. So is this WordPress doing the censorship? Can you expand on what’s actually happening please? I have a constant problem with WordPress (software?) turning off my WordPress feeds, that is the feeds that I get from the WordPress Feeds. It’s happened 3 or 4 times now but is it a ‘glitch’ or are my feeds being censored?


    • Perhaps nomad can explain what’s happening, Bill. I wasn’t aware of it until he pointed it out. It could also be search engine censorship. All I know is my page views dropped 90% in one day and I suspect this may be a prelude to deplatforming.


      • 90% in one day! That’s pretty drastic.

        Hmmm… my content is comparable to yours I think, tho you carry more C19 stuff than me. As to stats, well I get an average of around 300-400 pages viewed per day, with around 850 subscribers of different kinds. But it really depends on the stories and events, so some days over a 1000 a day and these numbers have been pretty constant for the past couple of years and I don’t have any social media accounts.

        So we’ll see how WP responds.


  3. I just sent this to WordPress in reply to another one of clueless ‘Happiness Engineers’:

    Allie B (Automattic)
    Feb 6, 2022, 0:53 UTC

    My questions are:
    1. Are you still receiving email notifications regarding the blogs that you follow?

    Yes, because I finally found the page that contains the single checkbox that turns email delivery ON/OFF and it was turned off for 3rd or 4th time. Other WP users are complaining of the same thing and saying it’s censorship. I just tried to find this page again and FAILED!! That’s how BAD the WordPress Backend Pages are.

    So why is it happening? And not just to me! So, either it’s a software glitch, in which case, please fix it and if it’s not, then there are serious questions to ask of WordPress/Automattic

    2. Are all the blogs that you follow listed here?

    N/A Yes, it’s not about that (if you read my notes properly, you’d know)

    3. Are you logged in to your WordPress account when you are viewing the blogs that you have followed? If you are not logged in to your site, it may appear as if you are not following the blog because the blog doesn’t recognize you unless you are logged in.


    4. Also, after you request to follow a blog, an email confirmation is sent to you, that you must click before you are subscribed to the blogs. It’s possible that these emails might have gone to your Spam folder. Will you check your Spam folder?

    It’s NOT ABOUT FOLLOWING A BLOG for the umpteenth time!


  4. I gave up on my WordPress blog and it’s censorship which occurred usually when I posted articles following the plight of Palestinians and more recently re-blogging pro Ivermectin articles. Nobody was receiving them, so no point in using the site. I can go along with coincidences once or twice, but there comes a time when there is a coincidence too far.


  5. stuartbramhall,
    Exactly how are your readers being denied access? You say it dropped from a staggering daily number, to a fraction of that, how exactly is this happening? Are users being blocked or diverted in some way? I don’t get it. If you were on Twit or FB, you’d be notified but not on WordPress?


  6. It may be a search engine issue. I know Google has an algorithm downgrading people who write about vaccine-related topics. And I have been notified by Facebook that my newsfeed items are viewed by fewer members because of fact-checking issues.


  7. It could be part of it. There’s definitely something going on with WordPress Reader. I supposedly have 3,000 followers, but nomad is right. There’s definitely a problem with his site on Reader. I keep subscribing to his site and WordPress keeps unsubscribing me. I suppose I could investigate it further, but there’s really too much happening on the ground here in New Zealand with the Convoy and the mutual aid groups we are setting up.


    • Yes, I can understand that. I found the page that controls the email delivery of the Blogs that I follow, it’s hidden away at but the issue of either your feeds being deleted from your Reader page or subscribing to a blog not working, that has to be investigated. But I’m interested in your move as I’ve been contemplating it also. Email me privately if can please.

      Yes, eventually, WP will be forced to ‘tow the line’. I’ve also been looking at another independent hosting service, whose name I’ve now forgotten! They charge about £9 per month, if I remember correctly.


    • thanks for letting me know. I didnt realize that. also a couple of times ive tried to visit youtube i was denied because, the popup message said, there was suspicious activity coming from my site!!! dont know why i may have been targeted. i think it may be due to my posts on covid.


  8. Hello Stuart.
    Best of luck on Telegram and Substack! Maybe I’ll follow you. My posts have stopped appearing half a dozen times over a year on the Reader timeline. I chat message with the happiness engineer and they appear after a day or two. May be a glitch, but I think not as the engineer can never fix it him or herself and has to refer it to a colleague.
    Curiously for me the posts always DO appear on the Reader personal list. You can check this when you open the Reader, click manage followed sites.then scroll down past Recommended Sites to Followed sites and type in your own Blog name in the Search Followed sites box on the right.
    Anyway.. you’ll get more interest being on Telegram and substack as well, though they may be censored.. . I’m banned from Twitter at present for reposting a Dr Malone post.. All The Best!!!!!


    • I know that Facebook blocks me when I try to post your articles there, but I have no problem posting them if they reblog them. I think Twitter may be backing off a bit now, because I have posted several articles by and about Dr Malone. Right now there’s so much happening on the ground in New Zealand with supporting the truck convoy, I don’t worry too much about what’s happening on line.


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