Keep on Truckin’, Working Class Rebels, by Kurt Schlichter

Understand that “Democracy” means, to our garbage ruling class, rule by the ruling class with no annoying input from the people who actually make America work. The Democrat Party, once the party of the workin’ man, is now the party of tech zillionaires, college professors, welfare cheats, and sexually unsatisfied liberal wine women. The workin’ class was not merely abandoned by the Dems. It was thrown out of the party.


To the arrogant “elite”, democracy means rule by the arrogant elite. They don’t like it when the help gets uppity. From Kurt Schlichter at

Keep on Truckin', Working Class Rebels

The line of polite big-rig drivers crossing Canada in protest over the maple leaf mandate Marxism imposed by the ridiculous Justin Trudeau is a welcome sign of the workin’ class revolt to come. The courteous Canadians outside of its noxious elite, a caste that rivals our own useless elite in terms of unearned self-satisfaction, have discovered something. They make their country happen. It’s not diversity enforcers who feed the Great White North. It’s not regime journalists who fuel it. And it’s certainly not genderqueer-affirming professors who defend it.

The working class is getting sick of this Schiff, and it is starting to push back. And this will happened here in America too. How it ends is unclear, but my money is on the guys…

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2 thoughts on “Keep on Truckin’, Working Class Rebels, by Kurt Schlichter

  1. I think the turning point, Rajiv, was when people started getting fired for refusing to take an experimental treatment that is causing a very high number of deaths and injuries. The Nuremberg Code, which was ratified by the UN in 1949, guarantees all residents of member countries the absolute right to freely given informed consent for all medical treatments, without any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other form of constraint. Strong feelings about bodily autonomy reach across the political spectrum.


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