The Real Noam Chomsky

These days, Chomsky has turned full-blown fascist as he called for the isolation of the unvaccinated from society even if that means their starvation. Chomsky’s most inflammatory comment came when he was asked how this isolated class he is proposing would receive food. He remarked that this was a problem for the unvaccinated. The solution then, according to Chomsky, is to appeal to moral capacity and then claim that those who do not understand should live in an isolated existence with food uncertainty. Please keep in mind that in his authoritarian views, Chomsky is oblivious to clinical data that shows that Covid vaccines do not prevent neither infection nor transmission, in fact, early data shows that the variant, Omicron is infecting those who are “fully vaccinated” at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated and American authorities also revealed the 79% of the country’s infection cases were vaccinated.

Desultory Heroics

By Raul Fernandez Berriozabal

Source: The Wall Will Fall

This will not be a popular post, simply because of the cult of personality of mythical dimensions built around the figure of Professor Noam Chomsky, regardless, I am posting at the insistence of a friend of mine who encouraged me to publish my critiques highlighting some of the most problematic inconsistencies of Chomksy that ironically enough, have served to “manufacture consent” for the corrupt and criminal establishment that he claims to oppose.

I admit it, for years I admired Professor Chomsky’s work, in spite of his tedious monotone, he comes across as most clever and articulate, yet there is much more to this controversial character that many of his loyal followers perceive as a guru or cult figure and his critics as a faux progressive or a gatekeeper at best and a collaborator at worst.

Here are some of the inconsistencies…

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8 thoughts on “The Real Noam Chomsky

  1. Higher Omicron infection rates among the vaccinated rather than unvaccinated clearly indicates natural immunity is being acquired by the, yes – unvaccinated, another fact begging scientific analysis but seemingly lost on Chomsky!


  2. Some witchcraft seems to have inserted vaccination into many minds as an absolute. Recently I was with 2 people in their lower 70s who have been having shoulder stiffness affecting their swimming. I didn’t dare to point out it to be since jabs. One thinks his trouble to be because the sea waves are making him to be too free in his movements.

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  3. At last! Chom’s departure from formal linguistics to political activism obscured his authoritarian commitment to the so called L.A.D. – conceptual apparatus built into the depths of his ideas, which allegedly explains how we are able to understand language. His monotonous diatribes are often appealing and insightful but they are always held together by a sense of his own importance, which hark back to the master language acquisition device situated in each and every human head on the planet, because Chomsky was incapable of grasping the obvious insight, most significantly articulated by Wittgenstein, that language is a social activity not a logical structure inside brains.


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