Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

Truckers are the life line of the country. 38,000 have been fired due to the Federal Mandates. Canada cannot tolerate the Federal Gov doing that. They have caused the unemployment of more people then in all of the history of Canada. There are losses in the Police, health care workers and the list goes on. they have destroyed businesses and devastated the country. All mandates must go. United we stand. People from all walks of life must join together and let the governments of the world know we will not tolerate their criminal behavior any more.

Anti-vaccine-mandate truck convoy passing through Alberta ...

Did You Know

Now if anyone has any videos of the Covoy I don’t have here, do post them into the comments. Even from small towns or villages. Ever single one is important. Every person in this convoy is important. Every supporter is important whether you give them financial help or cheer them on. Every voice counts.

In the West the convoy is 79 K long and growing. That is just part of it. There are trucks, cars, smaller trucks, one sighted a bus, RV’s and well you name it, they are joining this convoy. I have never seen anything like this,

Apparently there are about 10,000 truckers from the US, who also want to join in if they can get over the boarder.I think the broader guards should stand down and let them in.

I support these people wholeheartedly. To date over 59,000 people have donated to the cause. If there is…

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6 thoughts on “Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

  1. TRUDEAU IS DONE!!!! We the Canadian people don’t want Trudeau in jail, WE WANT HIM HANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then put a sign around his neck that says, “THIS IS WHAT WE DO TO COMMUNIST DICTATORS AROUND HERE” For all the world to see!! I live in Ottawa and he can’t walk down the street or he will be attacked or even killed if he didn’t have any protection from COMMUNIST POLICE STICKING UP FOR HIM. TRUDEAU IS A TYRANNICAL TYRANT AND HE’S GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can honestly tell you that there will be thousands upon thousands waiting to greet and support these truckers when they get here in Ottawa and we are going to arrest TRUDEAU ourselves!!


  2. Hello patriots! I live right here in Ottawa the nations capital and I never go out to rally’s and such, but I’M IN ON THIS ONE.
    The word here is that we are all going out to support these truckers as they are fighting FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!! Also: everywhere I go in Ottawa the people are all saying the same thing, AND THIS IS NO LIE!! The Ottawa people are saying that “THEY DON’T WANT TRUDEAU TO GO TO JAIL FOR HIS COMMUNIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, NO, NO!! THEY WANT TO SEE JUSTIN TRUDEAU HANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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