RETURN TO EDEN: ‘The Informal Economy’, Living Without ‘Machines’ – By Andrew Curry

“The effect of all of this is to remind us—‘us’ as in the reader—of how little we now know of nature and its workings, and of our vast dependency on a system of global production and logistics that often has terrible effects on the people at the far end of the chain. And, given the rising tide of anti-depressants, maybe the effects aren’t that good for those of us at this end of the chain who are consuming them.”


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  • “…The heart of the book, I’d say, is an exploration of what we recover, of those things we have lost, when living on the edges of late capitalist society….Although the definition of ‘technologies’ is deliberately imprecise, it generally covers anything powered by electricity (so: no internet; no mobile phone; no television; no radio) and anything powered by petrol (no van)”

Living without ‘machines’

By Andrew Curry

    Quite early on in Mark Boyle’s bookThe Way Home, about living ‘off grid’, without what we might call modern technologies, he finds a dead pigeon by the road, recently killed. He takes it home, plucks it, guts it, and—concluding that it is less than one day dead—cooks it.

    A page or so later, his partner says it would be nice to to have a hot tea in the morning without having to make up the fire, and he knocks…

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