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Was Ron Brown, Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, Murdered by the Clintons to Save Their Presidency?


By Jeremy Kuzarov

Cover Action Magazine

On April 3, 1996, Ron Brown, then-Secretary of Commerce in the Clinton administration, was killed along with 34 others, all but two of them Americans, when their Air Force CT-43A plane crashed into a mountainside near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

An Air Force inquiry blamed the crash on pilot error, failure of the Air Force command responsible for overseeing the flight, and a poorly designed landing approach.[1]

Brown’s body was found 40 yards from the plane—further than any of the other victims—with a hole in his head that could only have come from a gunshot wound.[2]

A report in Zagreb listed “blunt force injuries to the head” as the cause of Brown’s death.”[3]

A Navy photographer, Kathleen Janoski, noted three days after the crash that the circular hole at the top of Brown’s head was 0.45 inches in diameter and “looked like a bullet hole.”

This finding was confirmed by Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell after Brown’s body underwent a medical exam at the Dover Air Force Base.

Cogswell determined that the original x-rays of Brown’s head showed possible metal fragments in the brain, consistent with a high-velocity gunshot wound. Stating that the whole thing “stinks,” he recommended that Brown be opened up, and that an autopsy be performed—which never happened.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a legendary forensic pathologist told journalist Christopher Ruddy that there was more than enough evidence to suggest “possible homicide in Ron Brown’s death; an autopsy should have been performed.”[4]

The reason it was not, was because of pressure from the Clinton White House.


According to author Victor Thorn, Ron Brown was killed because he refused to be the fall guy for the Clintons’ ethical and legal violations and cronyism, which blatantly compromised U.S. national security.

Among other things, Brown had insider knowledge about illicit bribes made by the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company (Arkla)—headed by Thomas “Mack” McLarty, DNC treasurer in 1992 and Clinton’s Chief of Staff—to the Oklahoma energy regulation commissioner to help cover up a scam by which Oklahoma residents were being overcharged.

Brown’s son Michael was appointed to the board of a natural gas company, Dynamic Energy Resources, whose owners, Gene and Nora Lum, were prosecuted for making illegal donations to the Clinton campaign.[9]

On the eve of his death, Brown and his son were scheduled to receive subpoenas because it was claimed that the elder Brown had accepted $700,000 in bribes from Vietnamese officials. The probe was widening at the time to include illicit fundraising activities and the DNC.

Daniel Pearson was picked as the Independent Counsel to investigate Brown’s influence peddling.


Two weeks before Brown died, he had a stormy meeting with Clinton in which Brown demanded that Clinton get him off the hook—as he felt that his son Michael was going to go to jail. Brown threatened the Clintons and their associates with exposure as leverage for his son’s freedom.



1 thought on “Was Ron Brown, Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, Murdered by the Clintons to Save Their Presidency?

  1. Thanks for this. I have had visions of Hillary Clinton dressed in a red robe praising the evil one. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. Now if the FBI will prosecute Hillary and Amadeen for torturing and sacrificing a thirteen year old girl, that they have on Weinstein’s laptop, I’ll be happy. I had another strong vision the other day of the spiritual war between good and evil becoming more intense. God the Creator Bless you and your thirst for truth and justice.


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