With Clinton Brand Discredited, Its High Time to Reopen Investigation into Death of Vince Foster

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

Covert Action Magazine

Vince Foster was the highest federal official to die since JFK. His death was ruled a suicide; however, strong evidence suggests that he was murdered.

Shortly after 6 p.m. on July 20, 1993, following two 911 calls, the U.S. Park Police came upon the body of Vincent W. Foster, White House Counsel, and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s personal lawyer, who had come to Washington, D.C., after working closely with Hillary at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Foster’s body was found lying face up, head up on the side of a steep slope in Fort Marcy Park, an old Civil War structure in McLean Virginialocated only 8 minutes away from CIA headquarterson a dirt path in front of an old cannon. With his head blood-stained, Foster was still clutching the .38 colt revolver he supposedly shot himself with, his thumb trapped by the trigger.

On the day of his death, Foster had left his office in the White House’s West Wing at 1 p.m. after eating lunch there. Supposedly, he jumped in his Honda, walked to a secluded corner of the park and killed himself.

Strangely, no one had seen Foster from the moment he had left the West Wing to the time his body was discovered—even though his face had been splashed across the news.[1]

Also, no one heard the thunderous noise of a gunshot and police investigators initially did not find his car keys on him, raising questions about how he got to the park.

In the Foster case also, they would have expected a huge pool of blood—a mess—when only a small trickle of blood was found running from his mouth.[3]

The gun itself appeared clean—as if it had been wiped.[4]

Further Evidence that the Crime Scene Was Staged

There were several other suspicious things about Foster’s death to contradict the official story. These included:

  1. No soil found on Foster’s shoes despite him allegedly having walked down a dirt path. Everyone who walked down the path had soil samples on their shoes.[5]
  2. The bullet that killed Foster could not be located.[6]
  3. None of the 26 people who viewed Foster’s body before the autopsy saw entrance and exit wounds from the bullet that allegedly killed him.[7]
  4. No fingerprints on the gun and no gunpowder was found on Foster’s tongue. There was also no disfigurement of the mouth or chipped teeth as is usual for a gun shot through the mouth.[8]
  5. Foster’s family could not identify the .38 colt revolver as being his.
  6. Foster’s eyeglasses were found some 19 feet from his head, or 13 feet beyond his shoes, indicating the staging of the scene.[9]
  7. A gash on Foster’s neck and wine stain on his shirt has never been explained along with the presence of semen in his underpants.[10]
  8. The first witness and police officer on the scene reported that they did not find a gun in Foster’s hand, indicating that a gun may have placed next to him afterwards.


As the Clintons’ personal lawyer, Foster knew more than any living person about the Clintons’ finances and sub rosa campaign financing, tax evasion practices, shady associations,[43] and the Whitewater land deal—the focus of a prolonged legal investigation led by Kenneth Starr.


Via https://covertactionmagazine.com/2022/01/05/with-the-clinton-brand-now-discredited-its-high-time-to-reopen-the-investigation-into-the-death-of-vince-foster/

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