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The Most Revolutionary Act

Hospitals Regret Firing Workers and Are Hiring Them Back

NWO Report

Source: Matt Agorist

In September, despite claiming he wouldn’t issue one, President Joe Biden announced a jab mandate for all companies in the United States with more than 100 employees. If these companies refuse to comply, they were told they would face massive fines, upwards of $700,000. Not wanting to go out of business from massive fines, companies across the country, including hospitals — under state coercion — issued an ultimatum to their employees, take the jab or kick rocks.

As many folks don’t want or need a jab due to already having had COVID-19, or are opposed to it for religious reasons, Biden’s mandate caused a storm of worker shortages, affecting all industries. Millions of people have quit or were fired from their jobs over the mandate, adding fuel to the already massive dumpster fire that is the US economy.

As jab deadlines loom, so do massive worker shortages — particularly hard hit is the health care industry.

After millions of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers braved COVID-19 in 2020, working the frontlines and risking their lives to battle the pandemic, in 2021, they went from essential to expendable for not getting an experimental injection for a disease they may already have gotten over.

Thanks to the draconian forced medical procedures, hospitals across the nation have experienced labor shortages from administrators, to doctors, and even janitorial staff.

The good news is that there was a storm of resistance and earlier this month, a federal judge halted the Biden administration’s jab mandate for health care workers.

While many folks see the benefit from taking the jab, they are still rational enough to see the horrifying implications of forcing people to take a shot or lose their job.

TFTP has been predicting these labor shortages since day one and now the chicken has come home to roost. Hospital executives across the country are having to eat crow and ask for their workers back — this time, without a jab.

In an article this week, the Wall Street Journal reports that jab mandates fuelled this “mass exodus” of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who all risked their lives during the pandemic without a jab, only to be fired after one became available and not taking it.

Now, the hospitals that fired them are asking them to return amid a rise in cases and a massive labor shortage.



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