Vaccines Gone Bad – A Real World Example of What Happens When You Follow Dr. Fauci’s Advice

Even though there is no evidence whatsoever that the new variant Omicron is even lethal (no one to date has died), leaders around the world are using it to promote more vaccinations lacking any evidence whatsoever that the vaccines even work against this variant, which may have actually been caused by the previous vaccines (viruses tend to adapt to therapy in order to survive, which is how the Delta variant arrived in India at the time mass vaccinations were underway).

Jems R Watkins | December 8, 2021

Four weeks ago my wife went to get her booster shot as she was instructed to do by my president, the U.S. medical community and the CDC. Like millions of other people she did what she was told and then she came home with a horrible rash and what we learned later was an attack of shingles. Her right arm, shoulder and neck turned into a giant red rash almost overnight. It was like watching her flesh slowly being eaten by an invisible monster. 

After several days she finally had the energy to go to the urgent care clinic where a doctor made a five minute diagnosis telling her she had shingles, that it’s common with people who get the vaccine and gave her a prescription for a powerful nerve drug that has so many side effects one wonders how the drug got…

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