Psilocybin may effectively treat addiction

Studies from the 1950s and 1960s indicated that psychedelic drugs such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and psilocybin were promising candidates for addiction treatment, but further study was halted in the United States when the Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1970.

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She watched herself from the corner. She saw herself pull a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of her favorite red coat. As she lit the cigarette, she watched as the smoking silhouette broke like shattered glass. She saw a thousand versions of herself staring back at her, inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke. In that moment, she realized that smoking just one cigarette was committing to smoking a thousand more. When the psilocybin-induced trip subsided, she vowed to never smoke again.

This is just one experience amongst participants in a clinical study at Johns Hopkins University. Researchers conducting the study planned to determine if psilocybin, a substance that induces hallucinations, could help smokers break the habit (1).

Long before they turned their sights to addiction, the research team wondered if psilocybin could provide meaningful, spiritual experiences. In 2006, the team published that under expert supervision, psilocybin-induced…

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