Despite More Than 99% ‘Vaccinated,’ Death Rates Are Not Declining Among the Elderly

Florida and Texas have started vaccinating people 65 and ...


If 99% of the elderly population are “vaccinated,” and 87% “fully vaccinated,” why are they dying at the same rates?

A “Wildfire” exclusive investigation reveals that weekly average deaths and all-cause “excess mortality rates,” the ultimate litmus test of whether or not health policies are working against the Covid pandemic, are failing to decline among elderly populations despite nearly a year of mass vaccination and other Covid response policies, such as mask mandates and lockdowns.

Despite more than 99% of the elderly population being reported “vaccinated,” and 87% being reported as “fully vaccinated,” the elderly population in the United States have been dying at nearly the same rates as the pre-vaccine stage of the pandemic. In fact, the elderly population from ages 65 to 74 has been dying at a higher rate.

The finding has sweeping and profound ramifications for the evaluation of Covid response policies, such as the advocacy of universal vaccination regardless of risk or natural immunity. Since the elderly population is rapidly approaching more than 99% of the population being “fully vaccinated,” it is a critical determination of the utility of vaccines in the broader policy picture.

The results are corroborated both by the weekly average deaths by age group and the all-cause excess mortality rates (weighted by p-scores). The critical thing about all-cause excess mortality is that it is where the rubber meets the road on evaluating vaccines and the overall Covid policy response. The FDA and CDC can play all the data games they like when it comes to “Covid-related mortality,” but if a population has more than a 99% vaccination rate and the mortality rates do not decline, that speaks volumes about the purported efficacy of the vaccines.

“All-cause mortality is the single most important thing to focus on and it’s not there,” Dr. Jessica Rose remarked on evaluating vaccine efficacy. “Today, most people focus on the relative risk reduction of the vaccines against infection, hospitalization death from COVID. They pay less attention to the absolute risk reduction from COVID. And they pay no attention at all to the absolute all-cause mortality benefit. The funny thing is that we should be paying attention to these in the opposite order that we listed them.”

“All-cause mortality is key,” she adds. “If there is no improvement in all-cause mortality, nothing else matters.”



6 thoughts on “Despite More Than 99% ‘Vaccinated,’ Death Rates Are Not Declining Among the Elderly

  1. See Swiss Policy Research’s latest:

    Ultimately, only widespread natural immunity will be able end the covid pandemic. The fact that millions of “unvaccinated” people are currently being threatened with losing their jobs, regardless of their actual immunity status, can only be described as a crime against humanity. Moreover, the fact that young people have been pressured to take an experimental – and now useless – vaccine, against a virus that poses very little risk to them, can only be described as a major medical crime.


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