Stunning Images Reveal Downtown San Francisco Boarded Up Amid Mass Looting

Zero Hedge

San Francisco is spiraling out of control amid a massive wave of “smash-and-grab” gangs targeting retail stores. Progressives have transformed the metro area into a hell-hole of surging violent crime. Retail thefts have dramatically increased due to the recent passage of ‘Proposition 47,’ which lowers the penalty for theft.

By now, readers are well familiar with nearly two dozen Walgreens stores in San Francisco that have closed up shop due to the high rate of thefts (read: here & here).

Lately, organized crime gangs have been targeting ultra-luxury retailers, such as Louis Vuitton stores. There was also an eighty-person flash mob that looted a Nordstrom in the Bay Area last week.

As a result of all the looting and failed progressive leadership doing nothing about the smash-and-grab crimes, retailers have taken things into their own hands by boarding up windows and doors.



3 thoughts on “Stunning Images Reveal Downtown San Francisco Boarded Up Amid Mass Looting

  1. “Progressives have transformed the metro area into a hell-hole of surging violent crime.”

    ‘Progressives? Why are you publishing this? Especially from ZeroHedge!!! Who needs enemies with friends like this?


  2. I debated whether to repost this, Bill, because I prefer to avoid labels altogether. To be honest, however, I have never been a big fan of the progressive movement. I find it really hard to distinguish “progressives” from “liberals,” in that both seek to build a kinder gentler capitalism while continuing to live comfortable lives and expressing open and systematic disdain for working class activists such as myself (in other words, progressives have never been my “friends” as you call them). Given the present crisis, I think there’s an urgent need to move away from sectarian politics, especially with progressive heroes like Noam Chomsky calling for the unvaccinated to be forcibly segregated from society and left to worry about their own food. Have you ever read the late Joe Bageant’s Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from the Class War?


    • Yeah, Joe was a friend of mine.He stayed with me when he was promoting Deer Hunting, I really liked him and his writing… Labels? They’re handy but can be misleading. The so-called Progressives are just imperialists in disguise. Chomsky? He built a reputation using someone else’s skills and he’s a Zionist! What more can I say?

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