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UK Cuts Gap Between 2nd and 3rd Covid Shot to Three Months

Sajid Javid confirms booster jabs for all adults amid Omicron case rise

The health secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed Covid booster jabs will be offered to all adults in the UK to help stem the emergence of the new Omicron variant.

The health secretary also confirmed the JCVI had approved cutting the gap between second and third doses from six months to three months.

Javid told the Commons the plans “represents a huge step up for our vaccination programme”.



9 thoughts on “UK Cuts Gap Between 2nd and 3rd Covid Shot to Three Months

  1. Why don’t they go ahead and order a shot a month? How much are the people willing to do to make the govts happy? They should have said hell no! a long time ago.

    People are so dependent on the govt for everything, the exact opposite of what my Mama taught us. My Grandmother buried cash in the backyard, and Mama said there was good reason for it. That is what I grew up believing.

    I did not grow up believing anything the govt said, I was taught that everything the govt did, that appeared to be for the people, had an ulterior motive, and not a good motive at that. Everything is smoke and mirrors. It used to be anyway. Now it is beyond that, they want to kill us, and don’t care if we know it or not. Just be good and take your shots as ordered.


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