Swiss Voters Fire a Crossbow into the Heart of the Great Reset

Over a million Swiss have drawn a line in the sand against vaccine passports. This was not a vote about highways or fiscal spending. It was a vote about personal liberty, bodily autonomy, government overreach and the freedom to make personal health choices.

Upward Vision

On November 28, 2021 over 1.3 million Swiss citizens voted to reject a new Swiss law that allows the Swiss government to impose a vaccine certificate on the population. Beginning in March, 2021, only hours after the enactment of the law, efforts started to demand a national referendum. Two hundred thousand signatures later, the world’s first direct national referendum on vaccine passports was scheduled for a vote.

Months of heated protests led up to the election held a few days ago. While the referendum was ultimately defeated, the damage to the vaccine agenda in Switzerland was substantial.

Facing a possible defeat in the referendum, the Swiss federal government did not dare to implement the vaccine certificate until after the election. The intensity of the protests along with the massive voter turnout on referendum day put fear into the hearts of the national leaders. The referendum has been defeated but now…

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