Detroit just decriminalized psychedelics and ‘magic mushrooms’

Via Keith Preston
Attack the System


Detroit has joined the growing number of cities and states that have decriminalized entheogenic plants and fungi, more colloquially known as “magic mushrooms” and psychedelics.

Voters, including the city’s incumbent mayor who won a re-election, passed Proposal E on Tuesday night to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi. Just more than 61 percent of voters supported the measure, with nearly 39 percent of voters opposing it, according to the City of Detroit’s unofficial election results Wednesday.

“Detroiters voted in high numbers in support of further decriminalization,” Michigan State Sen. Adam Hollier of Detroit told the PBS NewsHour after the election. “The war on drugs was a war on Black and brown communities and it’s good to see Black communities pushing back.”

What does the new Detroit measure on mushrooms and psychedelics do?

Voters in the majority-Black city were asked whether to amend the city code to “decriminalize to the fullest extent permitted under Michigan law the personal possession and therapeutic use of Entheogenic Plants by adults and make the personal possession and therapeutic use of Entheogenic Plants by adults the city’s lowest law-enforcement priority.”



2 thoughts on “Detroit just decriminalized psychedelics and ‘magic mushrooms’

  1. Hopefully it is a first step in making drug such as Ayahuasca and Igobaine available for treatment of chronic heroin and alcohol addiction. When I was in private practice in Seattle, I would have given anything to be able to prescribe them for my heroin addicts. Most are pretty much refractory to other treatments.


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