Russiagate: Proof It Was Hillary All Along

Peter Van Buren

We Meant Well

It was Hillary all along. The indictment by Special Counsel John Durham of Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI demonstrates conclusively the Steele dossier was wholly untrue. Clinton paid for the dossier to be created and Clinton people supplied the fodder. Steele, working with journalists, pushed the dossier into the hands of the FBI to try to derail the Trump campaign. When that failed, the dossier was used to attack the elected president of the United States. The whole thing was the actual and moral equivalent of a Cold War op where someone was targeted by the FBI with fake photos of them in bed with a prostitute.

Start with a quick review of what Durham uncovered about the most destructive political assassination since Kennedy.

Christopher Steele, paid by the Clinton campaign (after Clinton’s denial, it took a year for congressional investigators to uncover the dossier was commissioned by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, working for the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, paid through the Perkins-Coie law firm) did no investigative work. Instead, his reputation as a former British intelligence officer was purchased to validate a dossier of lies and then to traffic those lies to the FBI and journalists.

Durham’s investigation confirms one of Steele’s key “sources” is the now-arrested Danchenko, a Russian émigré living in the U.S. Steele was introduced to the Russian by Fiona Hill, then of the Brookings Institute (Hill would go on to play a key role in the Ukraine impeachment scam.) Danchenko completely made up most of what he told Steele about Trump-Russian collusion. What he did not make up himself he was spoon fed by Charles Dolan, a long-time Clinton hack and campaign regular. Ironically, Dolan had close ties not only to the Clintons but to the Russians as well; he and the public relations firm where he worked represented the Russian government and were registered as foreign agents for Russia. Dolan is credited with, among other things, making up the pee tape episode. Dolan also fed bogus info to Olga Galkina, another Russian who passed the information to Danchenko for inclusion in the dossier. Galkina noted in e-mails she was expecting Dolan to get her a job in the Hillary administration. Steele, a life-long Russia and intelligence expert, never questioned or verified anything he was told.

In short: Clinton pays for the dossier, Steele fills it with lies fed to him by a Clinton PR stooge through Russian cutouts, and the FBI swallowed the whole story. There never was a Russiagate. The only campaign which colluded with Russia was Clinton’s. And Democrats, knowing this, actually had the guts to claim it was Trump who obstructed justice.



7 thoughts on “Russiagate: Proof It Was Hillary All Along

  1. And this was reported on right from the beginning – at least, on the conservative channels. This was known from the beginning. But, politics prevailed. The whole Mueller investigation was a waste of time, money, and energy. And RINO Republicans like John McCain knew it was a fraud and played right along with it. It’s disgraceful, dishonest, corrupt, and Clinton deserves to be prosecuted. She and Bill have gotten away with too much for too long. And so have the Democrats. Just like Obama has known since 2015 about Hunter Biden and his corruption. And nothing has been done about it.


  2. This whole Covid 19 has been a well conducted fear generated fraud. Now we have vaxports. It may start small but once the gullible have been vaxxed (and they will be). Then the screws will tighten. Also the fines for businesses not complying will get higher. Everyone needs to say NO NO NO now


  3. Is she going to get away with this too? What can the little people do about it? They have even managed to split us up into vaccinated and not vaccinated and their media has put ‘hate’ in between us. Swirling in lies. Must say more Rosaries like Our Lady asked at Fatima … this is why she came there. Only the popes didn’t believe … especially the heretic we have now.And nobody is doing anything about that !! After he worshipped idols in the Vatican garden for all the world to see on TV. Not even Catholic any more. excommunicated for heresy by himself.


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