welcome to the hospital california

el gato malo | bad cattitude | November 11, 2021

you can check in any time you like, but there might not be any doctors…

president brandon and his merry band of miscreants have been busy mandating covid vaccines for health care workers. many states have done so as well.

this is going to create severe staffing crunches.

18% of front line HCW’s are not planning to vaccinate.

this rises to 24% in nursing homes.

this winter when hospitals are having “weather disruptions” like american and southwest airlines because the winds of “i do not wish to be vaccinated against my will” among health workers are reaching gale force, just remember:

this is not covid.

this is bad policy.

this is literally an attempt by health officials to:

“make hospitals and assisted living facilities safe by preventing doctors and nurses from making healthcare choices.”

no sane public health official would do this.

this has NOTHING to do with a virus. if it did, you’d trust acquired immunity and the medical judgement of doctors.

these people are wreckers.

they WANT these systems to break. they want a hospital crisis because that will create “an emergency” that allows them to step in and regulate or grab control or nationalize.

do NOT fall for this. this is a game of chicken and the doctors who want to have their own bodies be their own choice are in the right.

support health workers as they strike and stand up for themselves.

they were there for us. be there for them.

not only is this the morally correct thing to do, but it’s also in your own self-interest if you ever again want to be able to have your own medical choices be between you and your chosen physician.

can you seriously believe that a system that will not allow doctors to make THEIR OWN healthcare choices can be trusted to let them help you make YOURS?

this is not about your health, it’s about their power. their regulatory edifice seeks to subsume all of healthcare and to do it, they’re seeking to BREAK all healthcare.


Via https://alethonews.com/2021/11/11/welcome-to-the-hospital-california/

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