New Normal: Sport People Collapse, Some Die

Saurashtra Batsman Avi Barot

Oisin Page

Welcome to the ‘new normal’ where increasing numbers of fit sports people can collapse suddenly – and even die – with cardiovascular issues often involved.

Will journalists continue to ignore scientists saying that spike protein damage to blood vessels and organs is likely driving the sudden increase in stories like these? Will they continue publishing blithe dismissals like “it’s just a coincidence”, “it’s rare” and “nothing to do with the vaccine”?

Now that 5-11 year olds are being jabbed will we be told things like “young people get stokes too”?

Wielerbelofte Greg Luyssen (22) uit De Panne over gedwongen afscheid door hartprobleem: “Dat akelig gevoel wil ik nooit meer”

Pedro Obiang: 29-Year-Old Professional Footballer Suffers Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccines, Possible End of Career


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