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The Most Revolutionary Act

Switch to a Decentralized Private Search Engine and Boycott Google

Source: Activist Post

New World Order

The company that once admonished the world “Don’t Be Evil” not only removed that phrase as their main slogan but has become a direct threat to freedom on an unprecedented scale. With the latest news that the feds are ordering Google to identify people by using “keyword warrants,” it’s never been more imperative to discover alternatives that preserve privacy and the free flow of information.

Google has also been at the center of attempting to enable the military-industrial complex by participating in AI weapons of war (Project Maven), over which some of their own employees resigned in protest, as well as various human rights violations regarding censorship in China.

As our regular readers know, Google issued a site-wide ban on Activist Post’s 10-year participation in their AdSense advertising partnership, which they’ve done with other established sites, as they attempt to defund any form of legitimate dissent. We’re also on their general ban list.

Their dominance over information itself, not just monetization, through their search engine algorithm might be the most insidious, as it chooses winners and losers within the free market of ideas. This memory-holing and suppression has been exposed time and again by researchers who have compared search results between Google and even other established search engines, exposing their de-ranking mechanism.  The larger agenda of control has also been revealed by Google whistleblowers like Zach Vorhies in this must-see interview with Spiro Skouras.

However, real solutions can only emerge by building better systems that offer competition by decentralizing data, offering privacy, and putting users in control over the information they wish to receive. Fortunately, that option is available.



8 thoughts on “Switch to a Decentralized Private Search Engine and Boycott Google

  1. Been doing it for ages, ditto don’t use FB, Twit or Linkedin. It might have to do cold turkey to dump the habit but you’ll feel much better afterward. Ditto using duckduckgo. The problem of course is that all the alternatives to G***le actually use G***le but allegedly strip out the tagging data.

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