The War Against Ivermectin Intensifies

By Joel S. Hirschhorn
Principia Scientific

The unrelenting opposition to using ivermectin to treat and prevent COVID-19 is stronger than ever.  This has resulted from a gigantic increase in demand for IVM by much of the public.

Despite big media tirades against IVM, the truth about its effectiveness (together with failure of COVID vaccines) has reached the public through many articles on alternative news websites and truth-tellers on countless podcasts.  Its success has forced Big Pharma to create expensive copies of it.

And in my book Pandemic Blunder I made the case with data that using cheap, safe and effective generics like IVM and hydroxychloroquine would save 80 percent or more of COVID deaths.  Esteemed physician Peter McCollough later said 85 percent.  For the US, that means over 500,000 lives could have been saved, and globally over four million lives.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have died from COVID vaccines, the failed solution to the pandemic.

Merck, a maker of IVM, is getting much positive press coverage for its forthcoming prescription oral antiviral (molnupiravir).  It is designed to replace IVM that they cannot make big money from.  FDA will soon give it emergency use authorization because of the emerging clarity that COVID vaccines do NOT work effectively or safely.

That the Washington Post says that what Merck has created is the “first covid-fighting pill” illustrates how awful big media has been in ignoring the proven benefits of the IVM and HCQ generics.  And ignoring the many failures of COVID vaccines.  In its October 2 front-page story on the new Merck pill, it did not even mention IVM or present any data showing IVM as proven even more effective than the new expensive drug tested on only hundreds of people for a short period.

In contrast, IVM has been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of people to treat and prevent COVID.

Speaking as someone who is using IVM as a prophylactic, here is what I have seen in recent times.  Though getting a prescription for it is very difficult and stressful it can be done through a number of websites.  But then the battle just begins.  Many pharmacies, especially big chain ones, will not fill IVM prescriptions if there is any evidence that it is being used to fight COVID.

And then you will likely discover, as I did, that virtually no pharmacy (typically small community ones) that will fill such prescriptions has any IVM.  That’s right.  There is a national shortage of IVM because of huge demand in recent months and because US makers have not escalated production.

Probably, millions of vaccine resisters are using IVM, especially those resisting booster shots.

Can you still get it?  Yes, and even without a prescription.  It will have to come from India, with many makers of IVM.  It can take many weeks to get it.  But the cost is a tiny fraction of what US pharmacies have been charging when they did have it in stock.  Rather than $4 or $5 for a 3 mg pill, you can buy 12 mg pills for way under $1 a pill.

But there is more to the IVM story.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there is massive medical science data showing absolute reliable data that IVM is safe and effective for both treating and preventing COVID.  This is what should be a bold large headline in newspapers if we had honest big media: IVM SAFE AND EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO COVID VACCINES.

But instead, there is a constant barrage of articles and statements from government agencies asserting IVM should not be used to fight COVID.  They argue it is unsafe and ineffective.  Both are lies aimed solely at protecting the mass vaccination effort and the profits of big drug companies.  And now protecting the new Big Pharma market for antiviral pills.


The War Against Ivermectin Intensifies

7 thoughts on “The War Against Ivermectin Intensifies

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  2. If ivermectin were recognised as a preventative, then Pfizer never would have received Emergency Use Authorisation. (See FDA website page for EUA.)

    On Tue, 12 Oct 2021, 13:00 The Most Revolutionary Act, wrote:

    > stuartbramhall posted: ” By Joel S. HirschhornPrincipia Scientific The > unrelenting opposition to using ivermectin to treat and prevent COVID-19 is > stronger than ever. This has resulted from a gigantic increase in demand > for IVM by much of the public. Despite ” >


    • Merck, the company that makes Ivermectin would greatly profit from the use of their drug in treating Covid is telling everyone to NOT USE ivermectin to treat Covid. Maybe trust the people who would directly profit from its use that it isn’t effective.


      • Ivermectin is off patent, yogazeal. This means that it’s produced by dozens of generic companies at 3 cents a dose. The original pharmaceutical company that introduces a drug only makes a profit for the first 20 years. There are now 60 peer reviewed studies showing that Ivermectin, which is a protease inhibitor, is effective in prophylaxis and early treatment not only in Covid but in influenza. Uta Pradesh, Japan, Mexico and numerous African countries have all drastically reduced Covid deaths with early Ivermectin treatment.


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