LA City Firefighters: From Heroes to Zeroes

By Drew Allen

American Thinker

Shortly after the ‘War Against COVID’ began, the government designated two new categories of American citizens — the largely arbitrary classification of ‘essential’ and ‘nonessential’ workers. Firefighters and paramedics were deemed essential, for good reasons.

But now, like their colleagues on the frontline in the medical profession, these brave men and women — once heralded as heroes — are now scorned as villains.

In the state of California, they have gone from heroes to zeroes in the eyes of despotic Democrats, who have given them an ultimatum: get vaccinated or get fired.

In August the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 to approve a law requiring all city employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Since then, a group of more than 600 L.A. City firefighters have banded together to sue the city of Los Angeles to prevent the mandate from being enforced.

While the results of that lawsuit are yet to be determined, come October 20th, those firefighters who have not been fully vaccinated will be terminated. At present, that means approximately 1,600 — nearly 50 percent — of the approximately 3,200 LAFD personnel will be unemployed.

I interviewed three L.A. City Firefighters, who are willing to sacrifice their careers and livelihoods to defend their constitutional and moral right to choose. These men aren’t mere statistical casualties in this un-American and asinine war against the American citizen. They have names, families to support, and mortgages to pay.

Two of the firefighters I interviewed, Jeff and Rob, are both married and in their 30s. Combined, they have nearly three decades of experience as paramedics in L.A. City. Jeff has two children and rents his home. His wife is a stay-at-home mom. He is the sole financial provider.

Rob’s wife is a nurse. They own a home, have a mortgage, and want to start a family. But come October 20th, the livelihoods and careers of both Jeff and Rob will likely be destroyed — because they choose not to get vaccinated.

The mandates are purportedly “for the immediate protection of the public peace, health, and safety.” But CDC director Rochelle Walensky recently admitted that vaccines can’t prevent transmission. This admission negates the entire argument for these mandates.

Jeff also pointed out that “most of us have gotten COVID, given it to our friends and family. We have natural immunity.”



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