Promoting Vitamin D —Zero Dollars , Building Vaccine Factories Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars!

Some people wonder why so many conspiracy theories exist —well when governments are promoting ( and withy billions of dollars overall) vaccines that have not completed all clinical trails , when the developers of the vaccines have immunity if anything goes wrong , and have already made billions of dollars off the vaccines , while at the same time remaining silent on the benefits of a cheap effective vitamin like vitamin D should there be any wonder that a speculation exists that Governments and the Pharmaceutical companies are colluding ????


Tis a sad and tragic commentary on our time.

You would think public health officials and some moreenlightened policy makers would get the message.

Fall is approaching—less sun in these more northern climes . Less vitamin D .

But this is one of many contradictions of this crazy so called pandemic (over 99% recovery) .

The Government of Canada is ignoring good health by not promoting vitamin D , a known cheap ,effective treatment to boost immunity and prevent serious disease like covid 19while announcing the building of multi million million dollar plants ( $176 million, Montreal, $173 million Quebec City to name just two) ) to produce vaccines , all ofwhich have no medium or long term studies for complications —tens of thousands already dead and over 2 million injured from such vaccines .

Some day , there will be a reckoning about such things and it will not…

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