COVID Vaccines Initiate Immune Response Against Nerve Cells: Can Result In Nerve Disorders (Sciatica, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain-Barre)

“The vaccine distribution to the sciatic nerves may lead to conditions like sciatica.”

In a recent post I talked about how COVID vaccines can enter platelets where spike protein can then be synthesized, leading to platelets undergoing an immune response – causing internal bleeding and blood clots. The paper below reiterates that:

Recently, vaccine distribution to the vasculature and interaction with circulatory platelets have been proposed as a likely mechanism for thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome.

This paper though focuses on nerve cells instead of blood cells (a platelet is a blood cell). It proposed a similar mechanism: vaccine enters nerve cell, spike protein is synthesized, nerve cells are attacked by immune system. The result here is pain and paralysis.

Rapid Response: Autoimmune Damage To The Nerves Following Covid Vaccines: EMA Issued Warning To Patients And Healthcare Professionals, BMJ, 14 August 2021.

EMA [European Medicines Agency] recently investigated the cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) following Covid vaccine AstraZeneca (AZ) and have issued a warning to raise awareness of healthcare professionals and the public about GBS cases following Covid vaccinations and recommended revising the product information for Covid vaccine AZ [1]. MHRA [ Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] later also concluded that as a precautionary measure they will also be adding a warning for GBS in the product information [2]. A similar warning has been issued by the United States FDA for the GBS followed by Janssen (J&J) Covid vaccine [3].

GBS is a rare but serious condition in which the immune system starts attacking the body’s healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system that can result in pain, numbness, muscle weakness usually in the feet, hands and limbs) that can also spread to the chest and the face. EMA has advised people to seek immediate medical attention if they develop weakness and paralysis in the extremities progressing to the chest or face following the Covid vaccine.

The EMA could not find enough evidence to confirm the association of GBS with the vaccine, however, this may be explained by the vaccine biodistribution to the nerves following intramuscular injection. The vaccine transfection* and translation in the nerves may spur an immune response against nerve cells potentially resulting in autoimmune nerve damage.

The preclinical evaluation of Covid vaccine AZ (study 514559) evidenced vaccine distribution) to various body tissues beyond injection site including sciatic nerves [4].

Study 514559 showed that the Covid vaccine AZ was distributed to sciatic nerves in almost all animals and the distributed fractions did not clear throughout the study. The last sample was taken on 29 days post-administration and sciatic nerves of 70% of animals were still tested positive at the end of the study.

The vaccine distribution to the sciatic nerves may lead to conditions like sciatica that has been previously linked to the viral infection of the sciatic nerve, such as herpes. The MHRA pharmacovigilance database reported ~187 cases of sciatica post-Covid vaccine AZ as of 28th July 2021. There were at least 127 other instances of nerve injury and 301 cases of various forms of neuropathies (including 207 cases of peripheral neuropathy) listed in the MHRA database [2].

The biodistribution of the vaccine to other nerves is not known as the study 514559 checked for sciatic nerves only being anatomically closer to the injection site (hind limb) in mice. The facial (cranial) nerves, on the contrary, are anatomically closer to the vaccine injection site in humans (deltoid muscle). The MHRA database listed ~1031 cases of facial cranial nerve disorders (527 cases of Bell’s palsy and 457 cases of facial paresis/paralysis), 20 cases of Miller Fisher syndrome and additional 372 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome (2 fatal) following AZ vaccine up until 28th July 2021.

It is worth noting that the Covid vaccine AZ clinical trials were paused twice and, on both occasions, the trial subjects developed a neurological condition, transverse myelitis. One of the subjects was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis [5], declared unrelated to the vaccine. Surprisingly, as of 28th July 2021, there are 77 cases of transverse myelitis, 16 cases of myelitis and another 13 cases of encephalomyelitis following Covid vaccine AZ in the MHRA database. Moreover, there are additional 56 cases of multiple sclerosis and another 49 cases reporting a relapse of multiple sclerosis within the MHRA database. The vaccine-induced multiple sclerosis (if proven) may also be an autoimmune response to the vaccine distribution and transfection to the nerves.

The biodistribution (study 514559) also evidenced the vaccine distribution via blood circulation to other tissues notably bone marrow, liver, mammary glands and spleen. The vaccine encoded gene transfection to distant tissues is likely to attract an immune response against various body tissues that can manifest into various autoimmune conditions. Recently, vaccine distribution to the vasculature and interaction with circulatory platelets have been proposed as a likely mechanism for thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) [6]. These autoimmune responses may well be transient in many healthy subjects, and the immune response is likely to be very selective towards vaccine transfected cells only, however, the possibility of developing a chronic autoimmune condition in some individuals cannot be overruled.

The regulatory authorities are, therefore, requested to review the cases of GBS in association with various other neuropathies and vaccine biodistribution data from preclinical trials. This will not only help in explaining a causal link but will also help take necessary precautionary measures in time for public safety. A similar issue has been reported with Janssen (J&J) Covid vaccine [7], and we anticipate other viral-vector Covid vaccines such as CanSinoBIO (China) and Sputnik V (Russia) are likely to pose a similar risk. The detailed tissue-specific distribution of mRNA vaccines encoding SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins (Pfizer or Moderna) is not fully known that could offer invaluable insights into the long-term safety of mRNA vaccines. However, the surrogate studies using similar formulations by Pfizer [8] and Moderna [9] did confirm a biodistribution of mRNA vaccines beyond the injection site.

We urge regulatory authorities to mandate manufacturers to perform adequate biodistribution studies on vaccine formulations and request further data to better understand the implications of vaccine transfection in distant tissues before mass vaccine rollout in children or recommending additional adult booster doses.



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  2. Yep, I had the J&J vaccine beginning of May 2021 and started get weird random nerve “firings” in my upper spine and neck. Frequency and intensity kept escalating. By July every day, and by end of August and most of September it was incredibly disruptive to life and thriving. Definitely suspected vaccine but doctors keep insisting no way. Checked for ms and it’s not that. Doctors claim to have no idea what is going on but also have no interest in reporting or investigating it as vaccine injury (perhaps what is typically going on in health industry).

    My symptoms are like the feeling you get when you hit your funny bone (electric) but feels worse when it’s between the center of your spine between shoulders into the base of your head. Since Beginning of October intensity and frequency of symptoms have been subsiding. Seems consistent with article. Hoping by end of November I am over the ordeal.

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    • I too have been dealing with the same pains you described. It started slowly after my first dose and intensified about 2 wks after my 2nd. I had to quit my job since I was no longer able to sit, stand, walk or sleep without being in pain. I had a sit-down job, but can no longer manage that for more than a couple of hrs. I’ve been mostly unemployed for the past 5 months. I was perfectly healthy before the covid shots and so regret getting them. I am now mostly mobile, but can’t sit for too long and have to nurse my right side from time to time with pain meds and a heating pad. I also stretch, walk and take supplements. I was not able to see a Dr. since I had lost my medical ins. when I left my job back in early June. I’m currently actively looking for work, then plan to file a claim with The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the near future. No more shots for me.


    • Hi Jack, My story is exactly the same as yours. What is your health status now. Are you pain free now how did it went in Nov, Dec and January? Did you take any supplements or medicines. Anything which can help us would be wonderfull.

      Hope for your answer
      Best Regards Onno


        • Dear Dr Stuart, Would it be possible to bring me in contact with one of your friends which suffered from c19 vaccine induced polyneuropathy? I am suffering of severe pains from Small Fibre Neuropathy after being vaccinated with J&J. Neurologist in the Netherlandscant do anything for me sofar and i want to know what I can do best?
          Can you help me with some treatment of others whos pains reversed?
          Thanks in advance
          Best Regards Onno


  3. I am being treated for brain cancer by the VA. I’ve had three for Moderna shots. My cancer doctor recommended a full third shot versus a half a shot as the boosters are. I started getting pain in my butt and in my lower back to some extent it kept getting worse and worse and right now I can barely walk. I had none of this before I took the coronavirus shots. I guess it could be my key Truda injections but I had none of this when I just had key Truda. Yes I know he truly is one word key Truda but this dictation on this site keeps trying to mess it up. I just know I’m miserable now


  4. I got the first moderna in late April. In early May, i woke up with severe upper back pain and by the next day i had full radiculopothy up and down my right arm with numbness in my right thumb, index finger, wrist, and, muscle pain at the bone connections in tricept, forearm, and around my whole shoulder… All via what drs, in 3 ER visits for changing and shifting symptom locations, called misfired signals from C6 or 7 impingement. However, 1 MRI couldn’t see anything but a very minor narrowing that didn’t look bad, but they said it must be pinched somewhere, and also said, “we’ve seen way worse and these folks were in no pain”.. (which ticked me off quite royally). The worst of it lasted 4 weeks, and could not sleep more than 2 hrs at a time. considered short term disability until it thankfully got a bit better, but i still have numbness in my right thumb, and the pain in my tricep comes and goes so cannot do as much of the physical activity I’d like to. I’ve thought all along how coincidental it was to happen right after the shot and after doing no physical strenuous activity. I’ve also been ill with cold after cold, but never “covid’ since. first illness started 5 days after the shot. I will not get another toxic not a real vaccine shot. Had not had a even a sniffle in 15 mo prior to shot.


  5. I too have been having problems with sciatic pain and neuropathy. I had previously had lumbar fusion from my L3-L4 through my S1 and had been awaiting another surgery when Covid hit in early 2020. In August I finally got the surgery whereby they removed all my hardware and fused my L2-L3. I was recovering pretty well by years end when I contracted Covid in Jan 2021 and ended up in the hospital for the last 5 days. I was recovering pretty well by March and got the Moderna shots in April and May. After the second shot I have had terrible sciatica and electric pains in my legs as well as peripheral neuropathy in both feet that kept getting worse up until just about a month ago. Only in the past few weeks have the symptoms begun to improve. The doctors can’t say much because there are no sources for definitive answers yet.


  6. I took the Pfizer booster three days ago. First afternoon I had the sharpest pain in my L hand index finger …of course my arm is sore as expected. That night again the sharpest pain in the side of my left foot with a lot of numbness and burning pain of neuropathy in both feet. Now 4th day I have sciatica pain in left leg and burning up and down my spine. My left hand has two fingers with slight numbness.
    In a few days I will be eighty and before I received the booster was doing well even though I have PMR and CCA for five years. I hope it goes away but fear it won’t. Sorry I got the booster.


  7. You might want to try to find a doctor who specializes in functional medicine in your area, Cassandra. There is a group of functional medicine specialists here in New Zealand who prescribe a variety of remedies depending on which vaccine you receive.


  8. I too have had very bad sciatic nerve damage from my 2nd moderna shot. Started with a little back issue that evening and by 5 the next morning I could not believe the pain I was in. I could hardly walk! I have never had sciatic or anything close to it. That was on july 12th.The pain lasted 6 weeks ,but that is not the end of the story! Today is 1-5-22 and my left side from butt down to my big toe is still partially numb with a lot of tingling. Then there is the fatigue in both legs . I feel like I have aged 5 years. The drs. I ‘ve seen did not think it was the vaccine!! My dr. now think it is. I just would like to know what the hell do you do now? Is this forever or what. I have tried find answers with no luck. This is way am writing this. Looking for help. One more thing– Two day after the 2nd shot my left side broke out in a rash called purpura. It could be not too bad to very serious. Guillain-Barre syndrome (gbs) Mine was not that bad. Took a month to go away. I waited almost a year to get the shot because i did not want to be a ginny pig ! And now all i can is shake my head . for being trusting. Now my dr. said DO NOT get any boosters.( What is functional medicine??)


  9. Petre, functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach that tries to identify and treat the root causes of disease. Most practitioners have a conventional medical degree but also have knowledge of other healing approaches. In other words they don’t limit themselves to pharmaceutical treatment of diseases. You should be able to find a nearby practitioner from their website:


  10. My mom is now suffering from numbness in lower legs and hands, and she needs a walker to walk now after 3 covid shots. Is there anything that can reverse her new problems now or is this a permanent injury? Thanks for any info ~


  11. Thank you for telling your story’s … i am a 29 year old male who took the second moderna shot on 12/7/2021. On 12/12/2021 i started to have some small ,lower lumbar pain in back and by 12/21/2021 i progressed fast . The pain in my upper and lower spine hurts all day everyday. i never get any pain relief. All i want to do is cry.. I never had any back pain in my life till now… Now i have tingling and feels like me hands and arms are asleep. i get sharp pains in my arm and lower right leg. I have slowly been having vision issue where i can really see for a minute or two and have been having twiching in my face off and on. they have found swelling and inflammation deep in my spine and they don’t know why. they also have found sciatica in my upper and lower spine as well .. i can move and bend but everything hurts.. Seems like doctors dont want to help with the pain or find out the underlining cause .. i just get told they don’t understand how i have never had any back issues and all a sudden i do know.. my pain usually is 10 or higher … i don’t know what else to do.. waiting for a MRI to see whats going on..


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