Coming soon: Pfizermectin — a totally new, safe and effective approach to COVID-19


1 thought on “Coming soon: Pfizermectin — a totally new, safe and effective approach to COVID-19

  1. Safe my A**—oops slip of the fingers.

    Last time I let anyone inject me with anything it was in a prestigious? hospital in Cambridge Massachusetts. Because they determined I was a fall-risk, they wouldn’t let me walk around. They injected me with Heparin 3X daily because they said I would get clots.

    This was back in 2016. I had injured my knee. That was a trip—hunting down a story. I couldn’t get any treatment for it or even any help. It was when I noticed things were REALLY going south.

    After two days of injections, I developed a strange headache/skull pain in the rear, right-side of my cranium. Really weird. I always brought my mini-computer wherever I went and looked Heparin up to see if it was the problem. Yep.

    The reactions said to stop injections if any sign of headache appeared, but these people worked hard to push more shots. It was very confusing.

    The help they gave me for my knee was a nursing home with the moniker of “failure to thrive.” I had assets for the taking, and they were interested.

    Needham 7, Some other place in Cambridge, MA, and Thank the Lord for 2018

    When I wrote it I was still in denial as to hospital staffs’ complicity, but they knew. I barely escaped—my roommate did not.

    I stopped all pharma products in 1/2018. I had realized that was what was killing me. I watched a few videos and became convinced.

    Murder By Medicine 1 – Dr. Jennifer Daniels
    Mar 28, 2013
    Murder By Medicine 2 – Dr. Jennifer Daniels
    Attacking the Devil–the Thalidomide story
    The Bleeding Edge–medical devices

    Death by Death by Medicine

    There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I will ever take ANY pharmaceutical product again.

    [By the way—I got 2 stories out of the accident that injured resulted in my knee injury.]

    Salem is the Halloween Capital of the World

    The Saga of Cracks

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