UK Journalists Allege COVID News Censored to Create ‘One Official Narrative’

In a new video, Russell Brand highlights a group of 26 UK journalists who joined forces to protest the “censorship” and “fear-mongering” on COVID that’s being peddled by the mainstream media and Big Tech.

Do you think you’ve been told the whole truth about the pandemic? Do you think healthy debate and conversation are being encouraged — or stifled?

Russell Brand asks those questions and more in a new video blasting the mainstream media for censoring information on COVID.

Brand points to a group of 26 UK journalists who joined forces to protest the “censorship” and “fear-mongering” they say mainstream media and Big Tech have been peddling since the start of the pandemic.

The group, Holding the Line: Journalists Against COVID Censorship, criticized the media, according to Press Gazette, for not reporting on alternative COVID treatments, vaccine adverse reactions, the true cost of government lockdowns and a lack of scrutiny of PCR testing.

COVID news is being “censored” to create “one official narrative,” the journalists said. One of the group’s members, Tony Gosling, a former BBC radio journalist, told Press Gazette:

“Our main concern is that there’s a very powerful lobby behind many of these COVID measures, including treatment, lack of treatment and vaccines, obviously, but there isn’t much of a lobby in the other direction. And I think most of us feel that our employers of various sorts have not been representing both sides.”

“Stifling healthy conversation and debate” is not a solution, said Brand, who added:

“I’ve always been of the opinion we should be allowed to talk about things and express a variety of opinions. Nobody can claim, from a religious, political or any ideological perspective to have sole exclusive access to truth.”

The journalists said the media’s reporting on COVID in the UK and around the world is “unprecedented.”

The group said:

“There’s only been one official narrative played out in the mainstream media and that has not changed over time.

“There’s only been one ‘scientific truth’ allowed to be discussed: the one endorsed by worldwide governmental regulatory bodies, even that has been very selective. This has given the public a distorted view of the truth which has been highly damaging.”



5 thoughts on “UK Journalists Allege COVID News Censored to Create ‘One Official Narrative’

    • I also looked up this:
      TGA basics
      Quick links
      Educational materials
      Regulation basics
      What are ‘therapeutic goods’?
      The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is part of the Australian Government Department of Health(link is external), and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including prescription medicines, vaccines, sunscreens, vitamins and minerals, medical devices, blood and blood products.

      Almost any product for which therapeutic claims are made must be entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before it can be supplied in Australia.


  1. Well, it’s pretty clear that Covid is now functioning around the world as both official state ideology that can’t be challenged, questioned, debated, or even ignored, and as official state religion that requires absolute belief, strict adherence, and public compliance rituals in the form of submitting to the “vaccines.” Soon, you will even be excommunicated and cast out from most of society for failing to display sufficient fealty.

    The real question is – how do sane people fight this and de-program the billions of people worldwide that are taking this pandemic purely at face value and truly believe that the media, politicians, and public health “experts” are deeply and altruistically interested in helping them? The old adage “there are none so blind as those who are unwilling to see” seems to apply to the covid cult.


    • You ask a really tough question, Mike. Here in New Zealand, I work with a group called Voices for Freedom. What we found here is that Kiwis broadly fell into four groups – the first group wanted the vaccine right away, the second wanted to wait and see how many people died first, the third was undecided and the fourth was dead opposed. Our leadership reached out to the dead opposed group first, encouraging them to support each other emotionally to speak out about their views to friends and family (at first they were afraid to tell anyone they were anti-vaccine). Next we did letter box drops and informational pickets to group 2 and group 3 to make sure they had accurate information about the vaccine. In New Zealand, the first group tends to be quite small despite all the propaganda put out by the government and media.


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