Vaccinated Blood – The Dilemma Of COVID’s Experimental Transfusions

’Sullivan | Principia Scientific | June 8, 2021

Should we have the right to refuse a blood transfusion from the vaccinated for COVID-19? What about organs donated by the vaccinated?

In most nations anyone vaccinated for COVID-19 can donate blood immediately or shortly after being vaccinated despite the fact that the experimental product may induce life-threatening disorders in the recipients.

Donated blood will mix with yours and the worrisome injected spike proteins  from the donor blood will circulate and merge into your body.

The vast majority of people, especially the media, are not addressing this issue. Concerned citizens should be writing to all health authorities, politicians and public health bodies and demand screening and separate blood banks and clear identification of vaccinated and unvaccinated blood. No one knows the long term safety data. This is a global experiment on humanity and it must be stopped!

Watch the video below to discern the level of threat.

Does anyone remember the fallout from the AIDS pandemic when infected donated blood destroyed the lives of thousands?

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, sufferers of the blood-clotting disorder haemophilia in the UK were given blood donated – or sold – by people who were infected with the HIV virus and hepatitis C.

According to The Guardian newspaper (July 11, 2017) haemophiliacs pressed for compensation after:

“4,800 of them were infected with hepatitis C, a virus that causes liver damage and can be fatal. Of those, 1,200 were also infected with HIV, which can cause Aids. Half – 2,400 – have now died.”

In 1991, when campaigners were threatening to take the government to court, it made ex-gratia payments to those infected with HIV, averaging £60,000 each, on condition that they dropped further legal claims. The extent of infection with hepatitis C was not discovered until years later.

Today, with the COVID19 experimental vaccines being blamed for over one million adverse reactions, we can be sure this story is another ticking time bomb in government failure.



32 thoughts on “Vaccinated Blood – The Dilemma Of COVID’s Experimental Transfusions

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    • Alternative health advocates are also recommending it here in New Plymouth – though there is much more skepticism here about the vaccine. We only got access to a single vaccine and only started the roll out to health workers in April 2021. Right now only people over 65 are eligible, and we have had lots of time to hear about side effects from other countries.

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    • I don’t want to be pessimistic, but if we are talking about alleviating some of the side effects of having the jab, then maybe pine tea could be useful. But if we are talking about remedying the damage dome by the jab, then this won’t touch it. This is genetically modifying, there is no going back. And it is meant to be.

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      • Sadly, you are right. There are protocols and things that you can do to maybe mitigate some of the symptoms from being vaccinated… But once this is done, it is inside your body and it is there to stay… directing your DNA to do Lord only knows what.


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  3. I am worried that vaccinated people who give blood can be very dangerous. We need to stand together and demand that we have separate blood banks for those who wish to opt out of getting the jab.


    • With a national blood shortage and higher vaccination rates among blood donors, don’t think they’ll accommodate. You’ll be lucky if you get blood at all if you need it. I guess you could opt out altogether and take your chances.


      • As someone who is unvaxed I remember how many hemophilics where killed by the aids virus when they got their blood. I will refuse any blood from people who are vaxed and I am willing to die to keep my blood pure. Isn’t using unvaxed blood on the vaxed just a waste of good blood. The unvaxed blood seems more suitable for the unvaxed. The vaxed blood given to even another vaxed person seems dangerous as well because if the RH factor has an issue in blood how many different blood types do we now have?


  4. Jennifer, I guess it depends on where you live and how much time you have to spend on it. I guess you could start by contacting your local blood bank and finding how which agency (state and/or federal) regulates them.


  5. I donate blood regularly and would be interested if anyone is taking on the idea of creating a databank of those of us donors who are unvaccinated and willing to donate to those who desire unvaxxed blood. If anyone knows of anyone attempting to coordinate such, please reply. Recent arrogant media editorials dragged Del Bigtree through the mud, for his tale of a desperate search for unvaxxed blood, when he had a sudden need for a transfusion.

    Be real—the mainstream blood banks aren’t going to help anyone find unvaxxed blood. They claim that they don’t even track who is vaxxed, even though it is indeed currently a question that is asked by the Red Cross when I donate. However, there is an option for you to donate blood to yourself, if you know in advance that you will be in need of blood. It is called autologous donation. You must be in relatively good health, and according to the page on the Red Cross site, it requires a prescription. There is also the option for “directed donation,” whereby family or friends may donate to you, for an upcoming medical procedure.


    • Do you know f this is relatively easy to do? I am in the UK and this has been on my mind for some time.If they are asking you if you have been vaccinated, then they must be keeping a record somewhere. Is it easy to find out what blood group you are n? Thanks.


  6. I don’t think there’s any way to find out definitely, Gene. All people can do at present is to arrange beforehand for someone you cross match with to donate blood. I suppose if you have had a transfusion, you could ask your doctor to do a d-dimer test to see if your clotting functions are normal.


  7. I have pernicious anemia and am probably in need of a transfusion in the very near future.. I am also an anti vaxxer and do not want to receive blood that has been vaxxed..Unfortunately everyone in my family are asleep and took the vax and I cannot rely on them to donate..any suggestions?


    • I wonder also if you could join a group, there are many on FB for instance,where you can be in contact with others that are unvaxxed. From there you could find a group near to your area, and find people willing to oblige. We all need to be prepared.


  8. My niece is vaccine free and they are more than happy to take her blood.
    Society has become so hypocritical.
    She can’t go into a clothing shop, however can donate blood.
    A world gone mad, let’s pray 🔱🙏


  9. Hi Stuart,
    I have a question concerning vaccinated blood.
    I have breast cancer and take chemo meds plus other meds. I go to see my oncologist on Wed., to check my red & white blood cell count. My doctors medical assistant already informed me that if my count is low, I will need a transfusion. Well, I for one will not get a contaminated blood supply as I do not want blood clots,heart ailments or other health issues. I did not even choose to get vaccinated because of that reason. Plus, I am not a huge fan of vaccines period, I abhor them.
    My question is: I live in Boiling Springs,SC and If I find a member in my home church congregation who has not been vaccinated, could I get them to donate their blood to a local blood bank and then have that blood reserved with my name on it? Would that be possible?
    Looking forward to your response back to me soon.
    Michelle r.


    • Dear Michelle,
      You have an awareness that there is a spiritual world from your tag above. I tried to visit your site but couldn’t get there for some reason. So not sure if you have a Bible or otherwise based spirituality. I would suggest that you get a good look at (andrew wommack ministries international) and watch some of the healing journeys on there. You can get prayer for healing over the phone (maybe 24/7), and also much teaching on how to receive real and permanent healing from Jesus Christ. then you won’t need transfusions at all (tho’ bet that fear comes knocking again after your healing!).
      andrew is not some guru wanting to promote himself; he simply teaches People how to trust in Jesus and believe for healing (and life and deliverance) according to the simple truths of God’s word. And there are others too, that God is really using to heal people. Kathryn Krick of 5f church for example. both of these people are used by Jesus not only to heal others, but to teach and equip others who then take healing around the states/globe. EXACTLY what the world needs right now. Watch healings and miracles explode in next few months as Jesus shows just how GOOD He is in the face of this incredible evil. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet! However, to pray for another and see healing… you do need to truly believe He is alive from the dead, and have made Him Lord of all your life (that will mean renouncing any other spiritual disciplines eg yoga reiki etc). Also to have received baptism in Holy Spirit. He heals freely to show us He is totally worthy of that sort of total trust. Gospels often tell us He healed ALL who came to him. That’s the only part we play is COMING to Him. He does the rest. Mel from Australia, taking baby steps in this. eg: a delivery Lady other day brought parcel to house; I started a covid conversation: how you going with all the covid stuff? She quickly chatted and told me she had collapsed last week at work from heart problem (jab!). She had buckled to the no jab, no job mandate. I asked to quickly pray for her. Hand on shoulder, thanked Father God for her, asked for healing of her heart in name of Jesus who shed His blood, rebuked all damage and everything associated with covid vaccine in Jesus name, thanked God. barely 30 sec prayer (conscious she was on work schedule); she said she felt a ‘warmth all over’ as I prayed! Awesome. Trust God really did something. I am in no way against herbs and diet and exercise as aids for healing, but with covid, though herbs help, it is going to be God, God, God all the way for full healing. Hope this is helpful. Just my small 5cents worth. And I am only a baby in this walk. but it may just be an army of babes that end up doing the Father’s will in this war!


      • Hi Melanie,
        Read your response, and just to let you know that I am a full fledged faithful christian. I am a member of the Church of Christ in Boiling Springs, SC. I fully believe in the power of prayer thru healing. And fully believe God is the ultimate healer, the great physcian. We just need to put our faith and hope in him in order to provide that healing.
        I also believe in God’s word and what it has to offer. The bible is a a book of spiritual instructions. IE: Basic Instructions Before leaving Earth.
        Well, do take care and God bless. 😇😇


  10. I hope you can help me Stuart, but do you have any articles about being infected with someone who’s been vaccinated? Their vaccination blood mixed with those who are NOT vaccinated due to close contact and with blood and saliva.


  11. How can you tell if the blood was from a vaxed person?
    Someone told me the vaccine for the common cold contains covid vax as well.
    If you don’t know if you got the covid one or not how can you find out?
    Magnetic, glowing under black light or showing up as a wifi connection for smartphones?


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