Johns Hopkins Prof: ‘One of the Biggest Failures of Our Current Medical Leadership Is Ignoring Natural Immunity’

Makary voiced dismay at CDC and White House officials who routinely push for near-universal vaccination in spite of the data on natural immunity. In fact, governing bodies are guilty of “demonizing” people who decide not to get vaccinated, even when they have recovered from a COVID infection and have the antibodies, forming a natural immunity.

Counter Information

Dr. Marty Makary blasted the CDC and the White House for continuing to push vaccines for COVID-19 when it’s not necessary.

By David McLoone

Global Research, June 02, 2021LifeSiteNews 1 June 2021

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A Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor blasted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for ignoring crucial data on natural immunity from COVID-19, saying that “probably half the country has natural immunity from prior infection.This is the most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history.”

Dr. Marty Makary, also a professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, made the remarks during aninterviewon the Vince Coglianese Show, where he excoriated public health officials for denying the…

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2 thoughts on “Johns Hopkins Prof: ‘One of the Biggest Failures of Our Current Medical Leadership Is Ignoring Natural Immunity’

  1. I’m glad some credentialed people are speaking up. My dim memory of immunology from medical school convinced me the immune system is incredibly complex, and we know almost nothing about its nuances. Also, my understanding of “herd immunity” differs from the term that is being used today in relationship to the Covid-19 vaccines. As I remember it, “herd immunity” stems not from vaccines that rely only on small fragments of spike protein RNA or DNA, but from the body’s response to the entire virus, with the body’s immune system able to marshal forces against the intact, maybe weakened or killed, virus. I believe the famous Salk polio vaccine, which was introduced in the 1950s or 1960s, used live, attenuated (enfeebled) virus itself. Similarly the smallpox vaccine, which was developed in the late 1700s, used the similar cowpox virus, also weakened.

    Also, coronavirus itself is nothing new, although this covid-19 variant may be more dangerous, but even that is doubtful. Coronavirus was believed to be responsible for almost 20 percent of common colds in 1985, according to my medical school texts at the time, so Dr. Makary is probably quite accurate in suggesting that many US Americans already have been exposed to or infected by coronavirus in the past.

    As with other viruses, I believe coronavirus is an opportunistic pathogen, which is more dangerous if the host’s underlying health is poor, such that their immune systems are unable to mount a strong enough response.


  2. I never learned anything about the role of the gut in immunity in medical school Katherine. And there seems to be growing consensus (after 20 years of research) that a healthy microbiome is the cornerstone of good immunity. And ironically the heavy metals in most vaccines are devastating to health gut bacteria.


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